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Mario Kart Wii's font supports several extended symbols. These are characters which can be used in text within the game as other textual characters can. Some of these are common to the Wii in general and some of which are specific to this game. They are encoded using the Unicode private use area code points.

This page includes unicode characters representing the symbols, as well as similar characters/strings from the standardised unicode character set and the 128 character ASCII character set. These are intended to be useful when displaying symbols from the game in contexts where the game's extended symbols are not supported. Some of these characters are visually similar, others emphasise semantic similarity where appropriate.

Wii Extended Symbols

These DSi symbols are supported across the Wii.

Picture Symbol Unicode Value Similar Unicode Character Similar ASCII Character Similar ASCII String Description
E000 A [A] DSi A button
E001 B [B] DSi B button
E002 X [X] DSi X button
E003 Y [Y] DSi Y button
E004 L [L] DSi L button
E005 R [R] DSi R button
E006 + + DSi D-pad
E007 O O DSi Clock
E008 O :) DSi Smiley face
E009 😣 O D:< DSi Mad face
E00A O :( DSi Sad face
E00B 😐 O :| DSi Serious face
E00C O O DSi Sun
E00D O O DSi Cloud
E00E T T DSi Umbrella
E00F 8 8 DSi Lock/Snowman
E010 ! [!] DSi [!]
E011  ? ? [?] DSi [?]
E012 V [V] DSi Mail Envelope
E013 📱 # # DSi Cell Phone
E014 + [+] DSi Dot-in-a-box
E015 ^ ^ DSi Spade
E016 + <> DSi Diamond
E017 V <3 DSi Heart
E018 + + DSi Clubs
E019 > -> DSi Right Arrow
E01A < <- DSi Left Arrow
E01B ^ ^ DSi Up Arrow
E01C v v DSi Down Arrow
E028 X X DSi Cross

Mario Kart Wii Specific

These symbols are contained in the Mario Kart Wii fonts, so may not work outside of Mario Kart Wii.

Picture Symbol Unicode Value Similar Unicode Character Similar ASCII Character Similar ASCII String Description
E068 e er Superscript "er"
E069 e re Superscript "re"
E06A e e Superscript "e"
E06B ? [?] Placeholder. Also appears anywhere there's no symbol
Symbol F000.png F000 ? [?] Black ? Box
Symbol F030.png F030 2 (2) Wiimote 2 Button
F031 2 (2) Pressed Wiimote 2 Button
Symbol F034.png F034 A (A) Wiimote A button
F035 A (A) Pressed Wiimote A button
Symbol F038.png F038 a (a) Classic A Button
F039 a (a) Pressed Classic A Button
Symbol F03C.png F03C A (A) GameCube A Button
F03D A (A) Pressed GameCube A Button
Symbol F041.png F041 B [B] Wiimote B Button
Symbol F043.png F043 1 (1) Wiimote 1 Button
Symbol F044.png F044 + (+) Wiimote + Button
F047 + (+) Pressed Wiimote + Button
Symbol F050.png F050 b (b) Classic B Button
Symbol F058.png F058 B (B) GameCube B Button
Symbol F05E.png F05E s (s) Classic S Button
F05F s (s) Pressed Classic S Button
F060 Blank
Symbol F061.png F061 * * 1 Star
Symbol F062.png F062 2 ** 2 Star
Symbol F063.png F063 3 *** 3 Star
Symbol F064.png F064 O O Wii Wheel
Symbol F065.png F065 * O* Wii Wheel 1 Star
Symbol F066.png F066 2 O** Wii Wheel 2 Star
Symbol F067.png F067 3 O*** Wii Wheel 3 Star
Symbol F068.png F068 $ $ ($) Coin
Symbol F069.png F069 🎈 9 9 Balloons
Symbol F06A.png F06A 🏆 1 1st Gold Trophy
Symbol F06B.png F06B 🏆 2 2nd Silver Trophy
Symbol F06C.png F06C 🏆 3 3rd Bronze Trophy
Symbol F06D.png F06D 👑 W W Crown
Symbol F074.png F074 O O Gold Wii Wheel
Symbol F075.png F075 O O* Gold Wii Wheel 1 Star
Symbol F076.png F076 O O** Gold Wii Wheel 2 Star
Symbol F077.png F077 O O*** Gold Wii Wheel 3 Star
Symbol F078.png F078 𝔸 A A Blue Letter A
Symbol F079.png F079 𝔹 B B Blue Letter B
Symbol F07A.png F07A C C Blue Letter C
Symbol F07B.png F07B 𝔻 D D Blue Letter D
Symbol F07C.png F07C 𝔼 E E Blue Letter E
F102 Invisible
F103 0 oooo No Player
F107  ? ? ???  ??? Player
F108 1 xooo Yellow Border P1
F109 2 oxoo Yellow Border P2
F10A 3 ooxo Yellow Border P3
F10B 4 ooox Yellow Border P4
F10C 1 xooo Full Yellow Border P1
F10D 2 oxoo Full Yellow Border P2
F10E 3 ooxo Full Yellow Border P3
F10F 4 ooox Full Yellow Border P4
F110 1 xooo Blue Border P1
F111 2 oxoo Blue Border P2
F112 3 ooxo Blue Border P3
F113 4 ooox Blue Border P4
F114 1 xooo Full Blue Border P1
F115 2 oxoo Full Blue Border P2
F116 3 ooxo Full Blue Border P3
F117 4 ooox Full Blue Border P4
F118 1 xooo Pink Border P1
F119 2 oxoo Pink Border P2
F11A 3 ooxo Pink Border P3
F11B 4 ooox Pink Border P4
F11C 1 xooo Full Pink Border P1
F11D 2 oxoo Full Pink Border P2
F11E 3 ooxo Full Pink Border P3
F11F 4 ooox Full Pink Border P4
F120 1 xooo Green Border P1
F121 2 oxoo Green Border P2
F122 3 ooxo Green Border P3
F123 4 ooox Green Border P4
F124 1 xooo Full Green Border P1
F125 2 oxoo Full Green Border P2
F126 3 ooxo Full Green Border P3
F127 4 ooox Full Green Border P4
F128 1 xooo White Border P1
F129 2 oxoo White Border P2
F12A 3 ooxo White Border P3
F12B 4 ooox White Border P4
F12C 1 xooo Full White Border P1
F12D 2 oxoo Full White Border P2
F12E 3 ooxo Full White Border P3
F12F 4 ooox Full White Border P4

Mario Kart Wii Clock Digits

Mario Kart Wii also maps digital digits used for the clock into the unicode Enclosed Alphanumerics code points. Strictly speaking this is non-conformant Unicode behaviour as it changes the meaning of the code points. In particular the numbers mismatch when viewed on a conforming device as digital 0 maps to ① and so on.

Picture Symbol Unicode Value Similar Unicode Character Similar ASCII Character Similar ASCII String Description
2460 0 0 Digital 0
2461 1 1 Digital 1
2462 2 2 Digital 2
2463 3 3 Digital 3
2464 4 4 Digital 4
2465 5 5 Digital 5
2466 6 6 Digital 6
2467 7 7 Digital 7
2468 8 8 Digital 8
2469 9 9 Digital 9
246A : : Digital ":"
246B . . Digital "."
246C / / Digital "/"
246D - - Digital "-"
246E + + Digital "+"