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Since August 2017 there is a new system for applying and managing custom regions for Wiimmfi. Visit the page »List of free custom regions«, search a free region and then use the form at »Apply regions« to apply for one or more regions. For the second page you have to be logged in. Read the explanations at both pages.

To prevent capturing of already owned regions, each user gets a secret created by the Wiimmfi server. The secret must be posted at the discussion page with the correct account. So the ownership can be verified.

To all region owners

Now it's time to apply for your region again. The regions are *not* automatically imported to clean unused and forgotten regions. So it is very important that you apply for your regions again. Some day this year the region control will be switched to the new model. Then all not applied and assigned regions will be disabled, but reserved.

To apply and manage your regions, you have to login at the Wiimmfi portal. Then visit »Apply regions« and follow the instructions.