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This is a list of custom competitions, the format will be: title (track), video, download, rules/info. If you want to play Nintendo's competitions, then take a look here.

Abandoned Daisy's Palace (Vulcanus2)

Made by Vulcanus2

Download: MediaFire


  • 2 laps
  • Karts and bikes
  • Chain Chomps and Piranha Plants are very aggressive
  • 6 item boxes are spread at the course only giving Mushrooms

Goombas on the loose (Sucht93a)

"Goombas on the loose", by Sucht93a

There are Goombas all over Daisy Circuit.
Your task is to defeat them all to clean up this mess on the track!

Maple Treeway backwards (Sniki)

Maple Treeway backwards by Sniki

You have to race a VS race on a backwards version of Maple Treeway. The only items available are Mushrooms and Stars.
You have to use a bike, since the ramp at the beginning is impossible to take with a kart.