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Track Wishlist
This is the track wishlist for Cuberluigi CT Pack.
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Accepted The track has been accepted without issue, and will be included in a future update.
Needs Fixes The track has been accepted, but further action by the author is recommended.
Updated The track has been accepted, but an update has been released after the accepted version.
Returning The track has been removed in a previous update, but will come back when track slots return.
Planned The track has been chosen by the authors to be added.
Rejected The track has been rejected since it was last tested.
Removed The track has been removed in a previous update.
Updated The track has been previously rejected, but has been updated since the latest testing session.
Unreviewed The track has never been reviewed before.
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Cuberluigi CT Pack Wishlist

Track Name Status Track Slot Music Slot Laps Speed Notes Track Review/Issues
Conker's Bad Fur Raceway Unreviewed Maple Treeway N64 DK's Jungle Parkway 2 1.0x
Crystal Zone Unreviewed Mushroom Gorge Mushroom Gorge 3 or 2 1.0x Nice dripping effects from the cavern's ceiling.
Drip-Drop Cavern Unreviewed Koopa Cape Koopa Cape 3 1.0x Use v1.1
Hidden Cove Unreviewed N64 DK's Jungle Parkway N64 DK's Jungle Parkway 8 1.0x
SBK Egypt A Unreviewed SNES Mario Circuit 3 DS Desert Hills 3 1.0x
SBK Egypt B Unreviewed SNES Mario Circuit 3 DS Desert Hills 3 1.0x
SBK Tropics A Unreviewed GCN Peach Beach GBA Shy Guy Beach 4 1.0x
SBK Tropics B Unreviewed GCN Peach Beach GBA Shy Guy Beach 3 0.8x
SMG Sea Slide Galaxy Unreviewed Koopa Cape Koopa Cape 3 1.0x
Please do not add tracks or edit anything in this list below!
The tracks below have already been selected for review!

Tracks already reviewed for Cuberluigi CT Pack

Accepted Tracks

Track Name Status Track Slot Music Slot Laps Speed Notes

Tracks that need fixes

Track Name Status Track Slot Music Slot Laps Speed Notes Track Review/Issues

Rejected Tracks

Track Name Status Notes Track Review/Issues
@SDF_Street Rejected A texture hack of ASDF_Course Doesn't really change the aesthetic too much.
A Drive Through Miniville Rejected Small and uninspired.
A SketchUp Track Rejected It's a square with un-trickable ramps. Why.
Anime Circuit Rejected Doesn't play very well.
Bigcube Island Rejected What even is this track?
Blooper's Aquarium Rejected Sort of interesting, but it can be described by one of my favorite words: Rectangle!
Boring Ice Bounce Rejected It's all in the name.
Bowser's Black Hole Rejected Interesting textures, but just another oval track.
Codename: WARIO' Rejected Freeze bug, and it's also just a long oval.
Cacti Desert Rejected An uninteresting layout with uninteresting visuals.
Cyber Spaceway 1 Rejected Generic.
Dark Mushroom Peaks Rejected Multiple issues, and even if they were fixed, this track is unnecessary.
Delfino Pier (Race) Rejected Race version of Delfino Pier Interesting concept, but battle arenas aren't built for racing.
DK's Trick Joint Rejected v2.1 I don't like the fact that the track is small enough to need a 0.6x speed modifier.
DS StaffRoll Course Rejected Circle.
DS Tick-Tock Clock (Tock) Rejected Tock's version. Requires a lot to set up to work properly.
DS Test Circle Rejected Circle Part 2.
GBA Award Course (Retrostyle12) Rejected Literally just an oval.
GCN Cookie Land (Race) Rejected Modified battle arena Circle Part 3.
Ghost Road Rejected Not only too straight and uninteresting, it may also be hard to see in.
Girly Course Rejected Short and simple. Some of the turns are too sharp.
Heart Circuit Rejected We are already adding Love Circuit, which has a similar but better layout.
Lake Eitur Rejected The layout is basically a shorter version of Galvarny Falls.
Luigi Hillside Circuit Rejected Glitchy road, and a simple layout.
Make America Great Again Rejected I don't want to add too many meme/joke tracks, if I add any in the first place.
Moi's Airport Rejected Pretty straight, and it looks more like a joke track.
Puerto's Bathroom 2 Rejected A bathroom is a weird setting for a track.
Rainbow Test Site Rejected Oval in space!
River of Rainbows Rejected A texture hack of xBlue98's version of River of Dreams This doesn't look good. It could cause seizures.
Scary Cemetery Rejected Mediocre track, honestly.
Seaside Hill Rejected Sonic Square.
SH Casino Park Rejected This track's road is way too small.
Sinister Vault Rejected Not interesting enough.
SM64 Shifting Sand Land Rejected This track isn't even finished.
SNES Vanilla Lake 1 (Toxic Prime) Rejected The gameplay does not change at all from the original.
SMG Ghostly Gate Rejected Circle Part 4.
Spooky Bridge Rejected Would not work well in Countdown Mode.
Storage Unit Rejected Not interesting enough.
Thwomp Loop Rejected Short track with stuff on it.
Trek of Shapes Rejected People that say Mushroom Peaks is the worst CT in existence don't remember that this one exists.
Twilight Town Rejected Simple and repetitive.
Yoshi's Deserted Home Rejected Freeze bug, and also a boring and short layout.
Zelda TP Kakariko Village Rejected You have to slow down a lot, and it doesn't fit Mario Kart Wii in the first place.