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Each page, each category and each other object should be part of at least one category. There are several special pages for uncategorized objects. This category is the top of the hierarchy and contains itself.

And here is a full category tree:

!Main Category(24 C)
April Fools' Day(24 P)
BackModel.szs(1 C, 1 P)
BackModel.szs/Pack(3 P)
Battle(5 C)
Battle/Custom(37 P)
Battle/Edit(3 P)
Battle/Import(19 P)
Battle/Retro(37 P)
Battle/Texture(38 P)
Bug(1 C, 14 P)
Slow Motion Bug(6 P)
Character(5 C)
Character/Custom(15 P)
Character/Edit(12 P)
Character/Import(133 P)
Character/Retro(25 P)
Character/Texture(204 P)
Common.szs(1 C)
Common.szs/Pack(1 P)
Custom Font(29 P)
Development(8 P)
Distribution(2 C, 148 P)
Track Wishlist(19 P)
Wiimms Mario Kart Fun(49 P, 27 F)
FAQ(3 P)
Files(3 C, 1 P)
File Format(4 C, 2 P)
File Format/MKW(37 P)
File Format/Other(17 P)
File Format/Wii(36 P)
Network Protocol(29 P)
Filesystem(78 P)
Object(8 P)
General Information(4 C, 36 P)
Consoles(1 C)
Nintendo/Consoles(9 P)
History(12 P)
Nintendo(2 C)
Mario Kart Series(7 C, 9 P)
Super Mario Kart(1 P)
Mario Kart 64(1 P)
Mario Kart DS(empty)
Mario Kart 7(empty)
Mario Kart 8(empty)
Nintendo/Consoles(9 P)
Technical Information(12 P)
List(27 P)
Other Mods(2 P)
Programming(2 C)
Functions(5 P)
Memory(3 P)
Software(10 C, 88 P)
Bot(4 P)
C(1 P)
Cheat Codes(8 P, 4 F)
Game Mode(3 P)
LE-CODE(1 C, 14 P, 4 F)
Track/LE-CODE(27 P)
PC Font(1 P)
Web Font(1 P)
Wiimmfi(9 P)
Wiimms SZS Tools(1 C, 6 P, 1 F)
Wkmpt Draw(1 P, 30 F)
​ P, 6 F)
Template(7 C)
Template/css(1 P)
Template/Include(37 P)
Template/Subst(6 P)
Template/Table Status(18 P)
Template/News(15 P)
Template/User(327 P)
Track(6 C, 1 P)
Track/Custom(2 C, 1,149 P)
Track/Custom/Edit(9 P)
Track/Custom/Texture(45 P)
Track/Edit(38 P)
Track/Import(84 P)
Track/LE-CODE(27 P)
Track/Retro(296 P)
Track/Texture(585 P)
Translation(12 P)
Tutorials(4 C, 55 P)
Custom Track Tutorial(42 P)
How To(3 P)
Optimization(3 P)
UI(2 C)
UI/Edit(1 P)
UI/Pack(1 P)
Vehicle(5 C)
Vehicle/Custom(4 P)
Vehicle/Edit(1 P)
Vehicle/Import(24 P)
Vehicle/Retro(81 P)
Vehicle/Texture(11 P)
Wiki Management(23 C, 2 P)
About/Unique Text(511 P)
Broken Downloads(203 P)
Delete(74 P)
Disambiguation(6 C, 5 P)
Hidden categories(12 C)
About/Unique Text(511 P)
Misc-Info/Date(34 P)
Misc-Info/No Download(282 P)
Misc-Info/Unique Name(2,236 P)
Misc-Info/Video(1 P)
No media(186 P)
No-wbz-id(2 P)
Youtube-box/Dolphin(442 P)
Misc-Info/Date(34 P)
Misc-Info/No Download(282 P)
Misc-Info/Unique Name(2,236 P)
Misc-Info/Video(1 P)
No media(186 P)
No-wbz-id(2 P)
Split Article(55 P)
Stub(7 P)
Under Construction(34 P)
Wiki Help(4 P)
Youtube-box/Dolphin(442 P)
Wiki Rules(5 P)


This category has the following 24 subcategories, out of 24 total.





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  • FAQ(3 P)
  • Files(3 C, 1 P)








  • UI(2 C)