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Avatar Carp's Profile Picture.png
Discord Carp#6969
Twitter @CarpSSB
Twitch @CarpSSB
MKWii 4000-3247-3934
Switch 5934-2951-9592
osu! CarpSSB

Hi! My name is Carp. I'm one of the guys who helps test tracks for CTGP! I also frequently play osu!, Splatoon 2, and Super Smash Bros. Melee.

Custom Track Hotfixes

Here's a list of tracks that I've helped hotfix.
Name Notes
Beagle Plains The track was way too small to be playable on most vehicles, so the author and I tried to scale it up, but it didn't work very well, since it caused a couple of other bugs. We also tried editing the ramp coming out of the 270° turn to not shoot people as high upwards, but that caused some issues as well. SpyKid appeared a few months later and fixed all of the problems within about a day.
Heart of China I jumped in to fix some minor checkpoint quirks. The number of split paths, coupled with the easter egg, made the checkpoints a little janky, and it was causing a few PTBs and one bad respawn. I fixed those and released the version, but I didn't notice that one of the image files had become non-transparent because SZS Explorer doesn't export with transparency... oopsies!
Jiyuu Village The item routes weren't working very well with all of the branch paths, so I did my best to help Jiyuu to fix them. We got it done eventually, thankfully!
Koopa Shell Pipeland We had to make the half-pipes non-mandatory because they were sending people in obscene directions, so TZ and I added a ramp and some item routes for it.
Slot Circuit The starting position in Version 1.2 was really far behind the actual finish line, so I decided to move it forward. Unfortunately, I couldn't move it all the way forward to the line, as some karts wouldn't have been able to do the first turn.