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Discord Tag: Scruto#8944
Twitch: Scruto
Youtube: Scruto


I'm Scruto, an experienced Mario Kart Wii developer. I started playing Mario Kart Wii in December 2009 but lost interest somewhere in 2010. Around 8 years later, I got back into the game after watching some tournaments. From there onwards, I went on to make 2 Custom Track Distributions, one called Hifumi Kart Wii and one called Hohlx Kart Wii. I discontinued Hohlx Kart Wii in February 2019 due to lack of interest in the pack and the main inspiration of the Distribution was no longer playing Mario Kart Wii. My 2nd Custom Track Distribution is still a Work in Progress and will be significantly better than Hohlx Kart Wii. In April 2019, I created a small Music Pack called Naz3nt Kart Wii which I regularly update as Naz3nt remixes more songs.

My Creations

Type Name Status/Version
Custom Track Distribution Hifumi Kart Wii On Halt until LE-Code release
Custom Track Distribution Hohlx Kart Wii Discontinued (Feb 2019)
Music Pack Naz3nt Kart Wii v1.2