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Discord Tag: Scruto#8944
Twitch: Scruto
Youtube: Scruto


Hello! My name is Scruto (used to be known as CBWDYM)

I first played MK Wii a few months after it came out and I eventually stopped playing it at some point and moved onto later consoles. In Summer 2018, I downloaded Dolphin 4.0 to try out MK Wii again, that was when I learnt about Wiimmfi and Custom Tracks. A few months later, I started development on a Custom Track Distribution named Hohlx Kart Wii. About a month after the pack was released, I discontinued the pack due to lack of interest and the main inspiration of the distribution lost interest in MK Wii.

I now develop my own Custom Track Distribution called Hifumi Kart Wii with the help of Luna, Zappg and Nabstablook. We are already putting a lot of effort into the first release and I really think everyone will enjoy its variety of Gamemodes :D