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Blastero6 Z
Avatar: Blastero6zprofile.jpg
YouTube: Blastero6
Twitter: @Blastero6


I am Blastero6 Z(a.k.a Blastero6), I would remain anonymous. I will probably not be making any more texture hacks due to a sudden loss of interest.

My Texture Hack Tracks

Name Date of latest release Status
Ruined Castle (GBA Bowser Castle 3 Texture) 2017-01-08 v1.0 (Planning to be edited)
Cloud Cloud Meadows (Moo Moo Meadows Texture) 2017-01-14 v1.0 (Planning to be edited)
Concord Square (DS Delfino Square Texture) 2017-02-04 v1.0
Neo Bowser Highway (Moonview Highway Texture) 2017-03-05 v1.0
High Hills (DS Desert Hills Texture) 2017-04-01 v1.0

My Custom Tracks

Name Date of latest release Status
None (at the moment)  ????-??-?? None
By the same author: Blastero6 Z