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Twitter: BerryDoes
Discord Berry#0420
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About Me

I'm a Computer Games Programming university student and aspiring Indie game developer based in the United Kingdom. With some friends and acquaintances I'm working on a wacky First Person Shooter called Boing! Bubble Arena; it is publicly and semi-regularly tested through our Discord if you're into early access indie games. In my spare time I have a huge love for Mario Kart Wii, and have been recently delving into custom track creation as I find it satisfying and enjoy that it requires very little commitment as a secondary hobby.

I've also been a long-term fan of Valve's Team Fortress 2; I've been playing since 2010 and creating custom maps for the game since around 2011. If you've played this game much you may recognise me as one of the level designers of Maple Ridge Event, a Halloween map officially added to the game during 2016's Halloween event. My favourite class is the Demoman, and I love to play Demoknight.

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Custom Tracks:
Plasma HideoutCosmic Road