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If you will use Wiimmfi with a profile created by Nintendo's service, you may get Error 60000. This means, that your old profile is not known by the Wiimmfi server, and you will have to clear the profile id of your license or the complete license.


When a Wii or NDS game goes online, it sends a nickname to the server. This nickname acts like a unique identifier. If the server knows the nickname, it replies with the related profile id (PID). If the nickname is unknown, the server creates a new profile with a new PID.

On the client side the console accepts only a new PID, if no old PID exists. Otherwise (on PID mismatch) the console stops the login process and shows error 60000. In this case, the user will have to clear the profile ID to allow a new PID.

There is only 1 way to use your old profiles with Wiimmfi: At the beginning of the project, when the old Nintendo/GameSpy servers were available (which shut down on July 25th, 2014), Wiimm retrieved 2.9 million pairs of PIDs and nicks. Perhaps your profile was also retrieved by Wiimm's efforts. If this is true, you don't see error 60000.


If your license is not accepted by Wiimmfi, you have 2 choices:

  1. Reset your license and create a new one. In this case you will lose all your achievements.
  2. Clear only the profile id (PID). In this case your achievements (statistics, trophies, friends and more for Mario Kart Wii) are not lost and you will only exchange the PID:

To reset your license, enter »License Settings« and then »Erase License«. All games support similar steps.

To clear only the profile id, you need special software. At the moment there is only a cheat code available:

Outdated solutions

Before August 2017, there existed 2 ways to import an old Nintendo profile id:

  • Wiipid extractor
  • SET-FC feature of Wiimmfi

Both methods are not longer available, because they were used to import hacked PIDs. Very often a private AltWFC server was used to get the hacked PIDs. And because of many AltWFC servers, conflicts (same PID for different profiles) happened.

Since August 2017, all old hacked PIDs are banned. And so conflicts are not longer possible. The ban also means that management and support is a little bit easier. People with hacked PIDs see error code 23919 at login. They can also use the solutions described above.

Nice friend codes

A profile id (PID) is an internal 32-bit number. Users usually will see a friend code (FC). Technically, a FC is the PID (lowest 32 bits) together with a 7-bit checksum. And if the checksum is NULL, then FC and PID are equal. Wiimmfi creates PID in the range 6xxxxxxxx. A FC with NULL checksum have 3 leading zeros and looks like »0006-xxxx-xxxx«. Some hacked FC have more leading zeros, e.g. »0000-0000-xxxx«

There are FC hunters, that will hunt for such nice FCs. And because they'd need to hunt for FCs, and hope they get the right number, they would delete and create licenses many times. Some players created more than 1000 profiles. And from the server's view, it is simply waste. But the server don't know, if a license is deleted, so it has to manage all PIDs, deleted or not, and keep information on each one's friend list, Mii, etcetera.

For this reason, Wiimmfi will no longer create FCs with a NULL checksum, so that nobody will be able to get a "nice" FC. And be warned: If you create too many profiles without a valid reason, all of your profiles will be banned.

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