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* [[Wiimms Mario Kart N64 2012-10]] (RC3)
* [[Wiimms Mario Kart N64 2012-10]] (RC3)
* [[Wiimms Mario Kart Retro 2011-02]] (RC3)
* [[Wiimms Mario Kart Retro 2011-02]] (RC3)
* [[Pro CT Pack]] (RC3)
==Names in Other Languages==
==Names in Other Languages==

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Wario's Lair
Author: thondam
Version: RC3
Date of latest version: 2010-06-15
Editors used:
Download: Dropbox (WBZ)


Somewhere in the Mushroom Kingdom is an arena where Wario resides. This arena is full of obstacles and is the perfect training ground for his karting skills.


The author was originally attempting to recreate Wario Stadium from Mario Kart 64. However, when he released the first version of the course, there were complaints from many fans saying that it did not bear much of a resemblance to the track it was based on. Later, this was addressed by a name change to Wario's Arena and then finally to Wario's Lair. The first release had many glitches, so the next release featured many bug-fixes and allowed players to trick on the hills. Additionally, there were some adjustments to the textures and the course was scaled a little bigger.



RC2.8 (Wario's Arena)
RC2 (N64 Wario Stadium)
RC1 (N64 Wario Stadium)

Version History

Name Version Date of release Information
N64 Wario Stadium RC1 2010-04-19 First release
RC2 2010-05-01
  • Track scaled 20% bigger
  • Different textures (thanks to WiiFan2012)
  • Increased height map
  • Increased chance of collision glitches
Wario's Arena RC2.8 2010-05-18
  • New textures
  • Trickable hills
  • Culled roads (no more collision errors)
  • Fixed ramp
  • Added objects and enemies
Wario's Lair RC2.9 2010-05-20
  • New textures
  • Fixed some trickable hills
RC3 2010-06-15
  • Simplified model (textures may look different)
  • Fixed the AI routes
  • All hills are trickable


  • There is a respawn glitch on an area to the left of the start line, if you fall between the wall and the track after hitting the first main checkpoint then the game will make you respawn just by the piranha plant wall, thus saving quite a lot of time.
  • At the shroomspot near the end of the track, if you try to use it then, the game lags/pulls you backwards a little when you cross from the track to the offroad part. This is known as a mild back flip glitch.
  • There is no splash effect when you fall off the track and into the mud; instead the character just falls right through the mud before needing to respawn.
  • There are no external cameras at all, the routes used by the cameras were taken and instead used as routes for various objects around the track instead.
  • There is a part of the track where you are able to go underneath a hill, from this area it is possible to force your way back through the track from the wrong side.
  • In some places, the AI will turn corners whilst charging mini-turbos, but they won’t release them. This will result in them eventually hitting the wall before continuing. They will then stick to this wall and drive rather than returning to the center of the track.

Custom Track Distributions

This track is part of the following Custom Track Distributions:

Names in Other Languages

The translated names for this track:

Dutch: Wario's Hol
French: Repaire de Wario
German: Warios Höhle
Italian: Covo di Wario
Japanese: ワリオライアー
Korean: 와리오 라이어
Portuguese: Covil do Wario
Spanish: Guarida de Wario
Greek: Κρησφύγετο του Ουόριο
Polish: Jaskinia Waria
Finnish: Warion lymypaikka
Swedish: Warios Lya
Czech: Wariovo Cvičiště
Danish: -
By the same author: thondam

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