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Welcome to the Custom Mario Kart Wiiki!


Thank you for joining the Custom Mario Kart Wiiki!

Before you get started, Click here to read the Rules page.

Keep the following in mind as you contribute to the site:

  • Make good edits. Always use the SHOW PREVIEW button to check your changes before you use the SAVE button. If you make a mistake, wait 15 minutes before saving the same page a third or fourth time in a row.
  • Saving lots of edits without PREVIEWING will get the moderators on your case, and can get you banned from the Wiiki.
  • Write articles in third person (using words like he, she and they) instead of first person (I, me and we.) User pages and talk pages are the exceptions to this rule.
  • Use correct grammar, spelling and capitalization.
  • If someone posts on your talk page, please post a reply.
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  • Don't delete anything from your talk page.
  • Use the Templates on the Main Page when making new articles for content such as Custom Tracks, Texture Hacks, Characters and other releases.
  • We encourage all content makers to create a User Link to put on their release pages and to add it to the Author List.

Thank you! -- Jefe (talk) 02:29, 20 September 2013 (UTC)

Changing your user name

Next time you want to change your username, ask the moderators or admins. -- Wiimm (talk) 18:45, 7 January 2014 (UTC)


Do you have skype? If yes than please add me (thehorsti12) I want to talk with you about the remakes --Horsti12™ THE Clouddealer (talk) 17:01, 9 January 2014 (UTC)

Unfortunately, I haven't Cellphone with Android and Notebook, Computer only. --Thanks for your understanding, from Super-Mario68 (talk) 17:11, 9 January 2014.
ah ok, but skype is also on the computer avaible --Horsti12™ THE Clouddealer (talk) 17:23, 9 January 2014 (UTC)
Well in that case, I have already created an account: super-mario68ctd. --Thanks for your understanding, from Super-Mario68 (talk) 18:04, 9 January 2014.

Mario Kart 64 (GrupoNewest)

Is it true, that you cancelled this projekt? If yes, I will remove the page Mario Kart 64 (GrupoNewest) and also all related things on Custom Track Distributions.

Wiimm (talk) 22:14, 9 January 2014 (UTC)

Yes and Mario Kart: Double Dash!! (Distribution) --Thanks for your understanding, from Super-Mario68 (talk) 23:19, 9 January 2014
And what's about Mario Kart Wii y La Nueva Revolución and Daisy Kart Wii?
Wiimm (talk) 11:17, 10 January 2014 (UTC)
only the Retro Pages (MKDD & MK64) ,because he now work with me on the remakes --Horsti12™ THE Clouddealer (talk) 11:33, 10 January 2014 (UTC)

Toadette Dam

Is this track still in progress? If not, we will delete it soon. --Jefe (talk) 03:43, 10 August 2014 (UTC)

No, delete it. --Super-Mario68 (talk) 03:52, 10 August 2014 (UTC)


Hi Can you please come online in skype? Thanks! --Horsti12™ THE Clouddealer (talk) 23:13, 14 August 2014 (UTC)

Distribution Manager

If I'm seeing this right, there's nothing here but a bunch of repackaged programs, a possibly useful xml generator and... a calculator you made? Did you ask any of the creators if you could use their programs in your package? What about the Adobe programs? Are these warez, which are STRICTLY against the rules and WILL get you banned from this site? I suggest you rethink this so-called "manager" if so.--Jefe (talk) 00:58, 31 December 2014 (UTC)

Well, I can exclude all programs by Authors, each users use this, download on your own count (don't violated rights) but the Adobe software in the references, I clarified really good that NOT INSIDE and equal from Revolution SDK, EACH USERS BUY these software. --Super-Mario68 (talk) 01:18, 31 December 2014 (UTC)