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Hello! I'm am ZillaSpaz,or Zilla for short. "Zilla" seems common on the internet, so I will start going by my full username. I am a Custom Track builder from the United States of America. My specialty is ported tracks, or starting with the full model, but I am also an editor. I started making Mario Kart Wii Custom Tracks around September 2012. I can make most of a custom track by myself, fortunately. The tutorials around here were very helpful! My debut in this community started with N64 Luigi Raceway.

Custom Tracks

You can see my Custom Tracks with their own page in my user link. I may make 1 or 2 more announcements, but I'll probably stop after that, since I want to trim this page down!

Please do not officially announce my plans or dark announcements; I will take care of it myself.

Here are some other unreleased Custom Tracks that I have:

3DS Wuhu Loop

I'm simplifying the model right now to avoid the Slow Motion Bug as best as I can. I'm going for a "just right" size, since the other ports have a bad scale.

3DS Daisy Hills (SpyKid)

Ask SpyKid about percentage of completion. I will assist in KMP, testing, and whatever else comes up.

N64 Yoshi Valley

This track is about 84% completed. I need to make Item Routes, add enemies, and make all the cameras. The Giant Yoshi Egg is done. A lot of background details are planned to make the course have more to do with its owner.
Don't expect me to do anything drastic with the slower routes or the 180° loop shortcut.

3DS Maka Wuhu

Dark announcement. I probably won't work on this until Wuhu Loop and N64 Yoshi Valley are done, but I'm well aware of how many extra things that are not in the Wii Sports Resort model. Also, both authors that have announced their own port have in/directly asked me for help, and I shouldn't help both of them.

N64 Kalimari Desert

Dark announcement. I probably won't work on this until the Wuhu Island Trio are done.

SM64 Tall Tall Mountain

This track is on hiatus. I don't think that the current version is good enough. I am either going to work with the DS model (if possible to obtain) or start over.

SM64 Castle Grounds v1.0

Same as SM64 Tall Tall Mountain. I have the Super Mario Galaxy model, but I'm hesitating to use it, since it lacks the entire underwater section.

Battle Arenas

I haven't released any Battle Arenas yet, but here are some I have in progress:

SMS Delfino Plaza

This track is on hiatus. I'll probably start over by ripping it myself. I may or may not get the SMS Delfino Plaza page. If not, I'll have to make a disambiguation that distinguishes the battle version from the race version.

GCN Luigi's Mansion

This track is on hiatus. I'll have to start this over some other time. Unfortunately, (username censored) prematurely announced this. Don't expect a release any time soon, just because it was officially announced.

3DS Wuhu Town

Dark announcement. This model won't need nearly as much tweaking as 3DS Maka Wuhu, so why not? Actually, don't tell me.