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{| class="textbox float-right grid"
|+ ZPL Gaming
|+ ZPL Gaming
! Avatar:
| [[File:ZPLGaming.png|200px]]
! Discord Tag:
! Discord Tag:
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! Discord Server:
! Discord Server:
| [https://discord.gg/4QVJnQq Main Server]
| [https://discord.gg/4QVJnQq ZPL's Hideout 2.0]
! Twitch:
! Twitch:

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ZPL Gaming
Avatar: 200px
Discord Tag: ZPL#5773
Discord Server: ZPL's Hideout 2.0
Twitch: ZPL69
Youtube: ZPL

About ZPL

I am a 14 year old boy with autism named Zach that loves making custom tracks. Another thing I enjoy doing is working with computers and learn what certain components/software do.


  • If you wish to update a track of mine, please let me know before you do.
  • I work on the projects i want to do. I might consider a request only if I like the idea.
  • I am up for collaborating on tracks, just let me know on discord.


Track Current Version Status
Grassy Plains v3.5 Finished for now.
Sahara Hideout v2.19 Finished.
Petite Town v2.0 Finished.
Cannon City III Beta-Private Finishing v1.0
Cliffside Falls v1.1 Finished → See Kinoko Canyon.
DS Cheep Cheep Beach v1.0 Update at a later date.
GBA Bowser Castle 1 v2.1 Finished.
SNES Bowser Castle 2 v1.8 Finished.
Kingdom of Ghosts v2.5 Finished.
Lavaflow Volcano v1.0 Update at a later date.
Lunar Speedway v2.5 Lower mipmapping.
Kinoko Canyon Cliffside Falls remake?
DS Mario Circuit v3.6 Finished for now.
3DS DK Jungle v1.1 Finished.
DS DK Pass v1.0 Finished for now.
SNES Donut Plains 3 v1.2 Finished for now.
3DS Mario Circuit v1.5 Finished for now.
Luigi's Island v3.5 Finished for now.
Flash Island Preview
Lava Prison v1.1 Finished.
Magmatic Sanctuary v1.1 Finished unless the draw distance is fixed.
Frigid Freezeway v1.0 Finished for now.

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