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Hi! I'm YoshiArrow. I'm trying to make a CT distribution similar to Skipper's 300cc pack, but mine will probably never be released. I would also like to make a MK8 port at one point, either from Mario Kart Stadium or Cloudtop Cruise.

Here's a list of every 3DS track and their CTGP name:

3DS Tracks
Toad Circuit Toad Raceway
Daisy Circuit Daisy Hillside
Cheep Cheep Lagoon Cheep Cheep Cove
Shy Guy Bazaar Shy Guy's Market
Wuhu Loop Wuhu Island
Mario Circuit Mario Raceway
Music Park Music Motorway
Rock Rock Mountain Rock Rock Ridge
Piranha Plant Slide Piranha Plant Pipeline
Wario Shipyard Wario's Shipwreck
Neo Bowser City Neo Koopa City
Maka Wuhu Wuhu Mountain
DK Jungle DK Ruins
Rosalina's Ice World Rosalina's Snow World
Bowser's Castle Bowser's Fortified Fortress
Rainbow Road Rainbow Road: Solar Edition

Here's a list of every Wii U/SW track, their CTGP name, their chance of being ported soon and possible issues with their porting. (Work in progress)

Wii U/SW Tracks
NTSC-U Name CTGP Name Chance Issues
Mario Kart Stadium Mario Kart Circuit High Antigrav does not pose any problem.
Water Park Splash Park Medium Large loop might be hard to deal with, especially with respawns.
Sweet Sweet Canyon Candy Canyon High Antigrav does not pose any problem.
Thwomp Ruins Thwomp Temple Ported Port needs a bit of work on the antigrav section; otherwise well done.
Mario Circuit Mario Loop Very Low The antigrav is a large problem which can't fully be resolved with sticky road.
Toad Harbour Toad Pier High Apart from the wall-ride section, this can be ported with relative ease.
Twisted Mansion Boo House Low The two antigrav sections on this track would be a big undertaking to port, especially as one of them is dynamic.
Shy Guy Falls Shy Guy's Crystal Mine High Nothing that sticky road can't fix.
Sunshine Airport Delfino Airport High The antigrav addition isn't even necessary to the original level.
Dolphin Shoals Dolphin Shores Low The water and antigrav mechanics make this track have a low chance to be ported.
Electrodrome Electro Dream Low The wall-ride will make this track quite difficult to port.
Mount Wario Wario Summit Medium The 1-lap nature and wall-ride in section 2 will make this track more difficult to port.
Cloudtop Cruise Cloudtop Skyway High This track is in Mario Kart DS Deluxe, you should check out their port.
Bone Dry Dunes Dry Dry Dunes
Bowser's Castle Bowser's Molten Manor
Rainbow Road Satellite 8
Excitebike Arena Excitebike Stadium
Dragon Driftway Dragon Speedway
Mute City Mute Urbanisation
Ice Ice Outpost Polar Outpost
Hyrule Circuit Hyrule Castle
Wild Woods Wild Grove
Animal Crossing Crossing Town
Super Bell Subway Super Bell Station
Big Blue Big Seaway

If you want to talk to me, just DM me on Discord: VoidArrow#5179