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Avatar: Avatar - wiimaster.jpg
Youtube: ωiimaster35000vr
Discord: sunnyyt#6933
Facebook: ωiimaster35000vr

Welcome to ωiimaster35000vr's CMKW Channel

Hi, I am ωiimaster35000vr, a video gamer and modder.

List of my Custom Tracks

My Custom Tracks
Title Stadium Made with
Little Jungle v2.1 NikoPlays, otto, MaximilianoMK
Sparkly Road v2.1 Renegade Ciara
Sandcastle Park v1.2 SpyKid
Retro Raceway RC2.1 Björn and LuigiM
Chocolate Canyon v1 SpyKid and NikoPlays
Waluigi's Motocross v1.5.3 Björn
Galvarny Falls v1.5.3 Baoulettes