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TravixMan is also a member of "Mario Kart Wii" under TravixMan on the sites. My age is 15, unknown of where I'm from.

Custom Tracks

Here is a list of custom tracks I'm/I've Doing/Did/Done (In order).

King Boo's Gambling Boulevard

King Boo's Gambling Boulevard

My first is King Boo's Gambling Boulevard.

The drawing of the Mini-map has been made. The model is being worked on, and after it is done, the KMP will be worked on.

Planned Projects

Here is a list of planned Projects for later on. As each project gets finished, it will move up there with the Finished Projects, and a new project will take it's place.

Whenever I feel a burst of inspiration, I will randomly select one and start on it.

  • MK8 Luigi Circuit - The first track in my distribution Mario Kart 8's Flower Cup! It is basic, with audiences, a Luigi Statue, and some trick ramps.
  • MK8 Daisy Plains - The second course in Mario Kart 8's Flower Cup. It is also basic, with some chain chomps, and Monty Moles.
  • MK8 Mario Circuit - The first course in Mario Kart 8's Star Cup! It has Mario's house in the background, and the music is shared with Luigi Circuit!
  • MK8 Bowser Castle - The third track in the Special Cup. It has a lot of hazards, and various thwomps and Lava. It's music is a remix of Mario Kart 7, Mario Kart Wii, and Mario Kart Double Dash.