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Hi guys! I'm Tpointer56 and my favorite CT maker is Rukasudo90. Here are my upcoming tracks in order: SNES Donut Plains 1 is my first! :D GBA Rainbow Road with extra features Hillside (A track that has 2 editions: Autumn and Spring). MK8 Animal Crossing (Winter) MK8 Big Blue MK8 Mario Kart Stadium (With Gravity) Dragon Hills N64 Luigi Raceway SM3DW Mount Must Dash Crystal Canyon Cherry Cloud Raceway SM3DW Switchboard Falls Scaly Circuit Into The Vacuum DKR Spaceport Alpha SMG2 Starshine Beach Galaxy SM3DW Spiky Mount Beanpole N64 Choco Mountain (Original with a cannon instead of 2 ramps) Pirahna Plant Slide (MK8 Version) Fazbear Fright (Based Off of FNAF3) Mario's 12th Circuit