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Hi! I’m Tpointer56 AKA Toxic Prime. I am working with SketchUp to make CTs, and if you want to work with me on anything, send me a message and I probably will work with you. I’m an American MK and Geometry Dash player that makes a lot of art and animations.

Released Tracks

Birdo Island v1.0: A Project me and GuidedByVoices worked on. Thanks to SlipperyMac for fixing all the issues it had.

Sunset Bridge v1.0: A remake me and ChisSilver64 made together.

Work In Progress Tracks

Six King Labyrinth Remake: Planning to make the beginning look like a section of Dawn Township and remaking the entire end section.

Horror Valley Remake: Based off of King Boo's Area with elements from GBA Broken Pier and some billboards referencing Spooky's Jumpscare Mansion.

Majora's Castle Remake: Keeping the same layout but it will be a haunted castle instead.

Justin's Box Track Remake: An idea Huili suggested. A 5 lap stadium track with a dance floor in the middle. It will have yachts and piantas as well.

Kinoko Peaks: Originally a remake of Mushroom Peaks, but somebody else wanted to remake the track and my remake looked nothing like the original, so it is now its own Custom Track!

Color Dimension Remake: This will definitely not be as painful on the eyes.

Northpole Slide Remake: I felt like Retrostyle12's remake was lacking some things, so I decided to add those missing things. It will be remade in the styles of Icy Mountaintop and Dreamworld Cloudway.

Mission: Get to Earth: Inspired by Down to Earth, but it will not be entirely in space and there won’t be any rainbow roads.

SM64 Mysterious Mountainside: I’m doing this after I release at least 1 track.

Resistance to Fate Remake: Keeping the original style but updating visuals and adding shortcuts.

Icestorm Peak Branch: It’ll have a storm to make the name make since.

SMB2 Starlight Highway: I’ll make it float above Moonview Highway, similar to Maple Platform.

LR Rocket Racer Run: I’m porting this from the N64 version.

Rainbow Loop: Based off of YellowYoshi's Loop series. I’ll make 2 versions: one in the old loop style and another that looks like Rainbow Rollercoaster.

SMG2 Fleet Glide Galaxy: There’s a lot of driveable sections in this track and it won’t be mostly cannons (I hope).

SMG Loopdeswoop Galaxy: I’m going to add a speed mod to make the loop possible.

011001: A track taking place inside of a computer corrupted by viruses. The viruses corrupted even the name of the CT. Its alternate name is Trojan Infection.

X: The name of this track is the Roman numeral 10, which means this will be the 10th CT I will release.

Pyramid of Life: Concept made by Huili.

Inside Bowser: Based off of Bowser's Inside Story and and idea 4TLPati had.

SM64 Whomp’s Fortress: A better port of this stage was made by Yoshi74. I’ll make it into a CT.

N64 Rainbow Road: I’m going to use the Mario Kart 8 version for this track.

Neon Tower Remake: I’ll remake it in the styles of Bullet Tower and Rainbow Labyrinth.

Beach Road Remake: I’ll remake it in the style of Sandcastle Beach.

Bayside Boulevard: A custom track from Mario Kart 7. Not the same as SpyKid’s track.

Miku's Birthday Spectacular: Another MK7 custom track.

Pipe Pipe Planet: The most unique MK7 CT that I could find. I’m porting this once I get good at porting.

Snakerocks: A huge floating rock with fire snakes and chain chomps. Name comes from a book series called Warriors.

Mysterious Vision: A track that starts off with a nature theme but the last section of the track goes all dark and spooky.

Vanishing Path: A track where the road disappears as you drive on it. I got this idea from Anime Circuit.

Inferno: A huge track based off of a drawing I made.

Pandora's Box: Based off of the Greek myth. It’s a track filled with chaos and sticky road.

SM3DW Plessie's Dune Downhill: My favorite stage from Super Mario 3D World.

SMS Noki Bay: I don’t know what to do with this yet, but it will be a CT eventually.

SMSR Slide levels: I’ll try to port all known slide levels in Super Mario Star Road. Some will be upscaled.

SMG2 Shiverburn Galaxy: Same case as Noki Bay.

Rapid Speedway: A model I found on the 3D Warehouse made by Putinas. The model can be found here.

Bowser's Nightmare Remake: A mixture of Underground and Melting Magma Melee textures are used in this.

Sonic R Resort Island: Porting it because Nathaniel Bandy wanted a Sonic R track in MKW.

Space Glass: A SketchUp model I made that MaximilianoMK might remake.

SNES Mario Circuit 1: I’ll probably port the MK8 CT.

Snow Halation: A winter themed track where lava is pouring out onto the track. It is named after a song.

Chaotic Grass Hill: A Track heavily inspired by One Super Race.

Dreadnought and the Battlerock: A CT based off of Super Mario Galaxy and a character I made that can be seen in the track at some parts.

Scuttlebug Jamboree: Baby Park inspired CT made as a request by _tZ.

Alpha Boost Road Remake: I’ll be using textures from Space Race Castle to make this.

Darky Cliff Remake: Trying to keep it as true to the original as I can.

Fireclay Fortress: Concept made by Quattro.

Mushroom Glacier: Concept made by Quattro.

Asteroid Tunnels: Concept made by Quattro.

Star Halation: Sequel to Snow Halation.

Ruin Labyrinth Remake: I'll remake it in the styles of Hell Pyramid and Celestial Ruins.

Bowser's Dark Castle Remake: I'll remake it in the styles of the GBA Bowser Castles and Horror Mansion.

Aquatropolis Remake: I’ll use Huili's ideas to remake this.

Tree Circuit Remake: I'll remake it in the styles of Sweet Garden and Emotion Journey's happiness section.

Molten Mountainway Branch: It’ll have more tricks and a brand new cave section.

Dark Mole Abyss Remake: I'll remake it in the styles of GBA Broken Pier and similar tracks.

Sunset Island Remake: I'll keep the original style but redo the layout.

Daisy's Island Remake: I'll remake it in the styles of GCN Peach Beach, Birdo Island, and Water Road.

DK Jungle Tour II Remake: I’ll remake it in the style of Rocky Cliff.

DK Waterfall Remake: I'll remake it in the styles of Jungle Island and Underground Sky.

Shadow Light Road Remake: I’ll remake it in the styles of Kinoko Cave and Darkness Temple.

Mountain Crazyness Remake: I’ll remake it in the style of Kinoko Cave.

Proxmia Road Remake: I’ll remake it in the styles of The Chamber and Rainbow Rollercoaster.

TAS (Tool Assisted Speedway) Branch: Keeping the same layout but adding missing features and fixing bugs.

TB's Road Remake: I’ll remake it in the styles of Darkness Power Plant, Volcanic Skyway II, and Space Race Castle

Trick Mountain Remake: I’ll remake it in the style of Rocky Cliff.

Tower Loop Remake: I’ll remake it in the same style but I’ll add more deco.

Bowser's Castle 9001 Remake: I’ll remake it in the styles of the GBA Bowser Castles and Cyberstate.

Mushroom Garden Remake: I’ll remake it in the styles of Kinoko Cave and Sweet Garden.

Valley Pathway Remake: I’ll remake it in the styles of Crossingville and Riverview Square.

Blue Mushroom Sky Remake: I’ll remake it in the styles of Skylane and Kinoko Cave.

Volcanic Skyway Remake: Based off of v2.3.

Punch City Branch: Based off of both versions and Mario Odyssey’s New Donk City.