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== Released Tracks ==
== Released Tracks ==
[[Birdo Island]] v1.0: A Project me and [[Tigerman]] worked on. Thanks to [[user:ToadBrawler|ToadBrawler]] for fixing all the issues it had.
[[Birdo Island]] v1.0: A Project me and [[GuidedByVoices]] worked on. Thanks to [[SlipperyMac]] for fixing all the issues it had.
==Work In Progress Tracks==
==Work In Progress Tracks==

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Hi! I’m Tpointer56 AKA Toxic Prime. I am working with SketchUp to make CTs, and if you want to work with me on anything, send me a message and I probably will work with you. I’m an American MK and Geometry Dash player that makes a lot of art and animations.

Released Tracks

Birdo Island v1.0: A Project me and GuidedByVoices worked on. Thanks to SlipperyMac for fixing all the issues it had.

Work In Progress Tracks

Six King Labyrinth Remake: Planning to make the beginning look like a section of Dawn Township and remaking the entire end section.

Horror Valley Remake: Based off of King Boo's Area with elements from GBA Broken Pier and some billboards referencing Spooky's Jumpscare Mansion.

Majora's Castle Remake: Keeping the same layout but the textures are going to be ported from Minecraft and it will be a haunted castle instead.

Justin's Box Track Remake: An idea Huili suggested. A 5 lap stadium track with a dance floor in the middle. It will have yachts and piantas as well.

Kinoko Peaks: Originally a remake of Mushroom Peaks, but somebody else wanted to remake the track and my remake looked nothing like the original, so it is now its own Custom Track!

Luigi Circuit 2 Remake: It’ll be partially in a city with a grandstand near the start.

Rainbow Jungle Remake: I’m going to make it look like Lunar Lights but with some rainbow roads and a giant flower from 3DS DK Jungle.

Mission: Get to Earth: Inspired by Down to Earth, but it will not be entirely in space and there won’t be any rainbow roads.

SM64 Tall Tall Mountain Slide: I’m doing this after I release at least 1 track.

SNES Donut Plains 2: MK8 inspired model made by Yoshi74.

GBA Rainbow Road: MK8 inspired model made by Yoshi74.

SMB2 Starlight Highway: I’ll make it float above Moonview Highway, similar to Maple Platform.

LR Rocket Racer Run: I’m porting this from the N64 version.

White Loop: Based off of YellowYoshi's Loop series. I’ll make 2 versions: one in the old loop style and another that looks like Coldway.

SMG2 Fleet Glide Galaxy: There’s a lot of driveable sections in this track and it won’t be mostly cannons (I hope).

SMG Loopdeswoop Galaxy: I’m going to add a speed mod to make the loop possible.

011001: A track taking place inside of a computer corrupted by viruses. The viruses corrupted even the name of the CT. Its alternate name is Trojan Infection.

X: The name of this track is the Roman numeral 10, which means this will be the 10th CT I will release.

DS Rainbow Road: This version hovers above Peach’s Castle and some SNES tracks. Model made by Yoshi74.

Inside Bowser: Based off of Bowser's Inside Story and and idea 4TLPati had.

SM64 Whomp’s Fortress: A better port of this stage was made by Yoshi74. I’ll make it into a CT.

N64 Rainbow Road: I’m going to use the Mario Kart 8 version for this track.

Dragon Mountains: A track made by a SketchUp user called Yoshi Productions.

Morningside Heights: Another track made by Yoshi Productions.

Bayside Boulevard: A custom track from Mario Kart 7. Not the same as SpyKid’s track.

Miku's Birthday Spectacular: Another MK7 custom track.

Snakerocks: A huge floating rock with fire snakes and chain chomps. Name comes from a book series called Warriors.

Mysterious Vision: A track that starts off blank white but the last section of the track goes all dark and spooky.

Vanishing Path: A track where the road disappears as you drive on it. I got this idea from Anime Circuit.

Inferno: A huge track based off of a drawing I made.

Pandora's Box: Based off of the Greek myth. It’s a track filled with chaos and sticky road.

Sunset Bridge Remake: It’ll look like a few of MrDark35000vr’s tracks, as Sunset Bridge DX was my main inspiration behind this.

SM3DW Plessie's Dune Downhill: My favorite stage from Super Mario 3D World.

SMS Noki Bay: I don’t know what to do with this yet, but it will be a CT eventually.

SMSR Slide levels: I’ll try to port all known slide levels in Super Mario Star Road. Some will be upscaled.

SMG2 Shiverburn Galaxy: Same case as Noki Bay.

Rapid Speedway: A model I found on the 3D Warehouse made by Putinas. The model can be found here.

Bowser's Nightmare Remake: A mixture of Underground and Melting Magma Melee textures are used in this.

Sonic R Resort Island: Porting it because Nathaniel Bandy wanted a Sonic R track in MKW.

Space Glass: A SketchUp model I made that MaximilianoMK might remake.

SNES Mario Circuit 1: I’ll probably port the MK8 CT.

Snow Halation: A winter themed track where lava is pouring out onto the track. It is named after a song.

Chaotic Grass Hill: A Track heavily inspired by One Super Race.

Dreadnought and the Battlerock: A CT based off of Super Mario Galaxy and a character I made that can be seen in the track at some parts.

Scuttlebug Jamboree: Baby Park inspired CT made as a request by _tZ.

Alpha Boost Road Remake: I’ll be using textures from Space Race Castle to make this.

Darky Cliff Remake: Trying to keep it as true to the original as I can.

Fireclay Fortress: Concept made by Quattro.

Mushroom Glacier: Concept made by Quattro.

Asteroid Tunnels: Concept made by Quattro.

Star Halation: Sequel to Snow Halation.