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Zap Zone: Concept made by Huili.
Zap Zone: Concept made by Huili.
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Hi! I’m Tpointer56 AKA Toxic Prime. I am working with SketchUp to make CTs, and if you want to work with me on anything, send me a message and I probably will work with you. I’m an American MK and Geometry Dash player that makes a lot of art and animations.

Released Tracks

Birdo Island v1.0: A Project me and GuidedByVoices worked on. Thanks to SlipperyMac for fixing all the issues it had. ZPL Gaming made a new version as well.

Sunset Bridge v1.0: A remake me and ChisSilver64 made together.

Volcanic Skyway (Toxic Prime & Rosalina Speedruns): Collab with Rosalina Speedruns. It’s based off of v2.3.

Northpole Slide (Toxic Prime & Bri): Currently in alpha state, hope to update it soon.

Tower Loop (Toxic Prime, Rosalina Speedruns & ZPL Gaming): Got permission from Jay089 (the creator) to remake this.

Blue Loop (Toxic Prime & TZ): Made my own version because the current one is lacking in my opinion.

Petite Town: My first original design in MKW.

Work In Progress Tracks

011001: A track taking place inside of a computer corrupted by viruses. The viruses corrupted even the name of the CT. Its alternate name is Trojan Infection.

A Beam In The Dark: Based off of the SM3DW stage.

Abandoned Factory: Inspired by Night Factory.

Alpine Slide: Icy slide track.

Anthropolis: Zootopia inspired CT.

Antimolecular Distribution: A Bowser’s Castle/Rainbow Road hybrid.

Aquadrom: Based off of the city surrounding Aquadrom Stage plus another water park is included.

Aquaflow Ruins: Koopa Cape inspired track in a dream I had once.

Area 51: Based off of the real life location.

Asteroid Tunnels: Concept made by Quattro.

Baked Dunes: Food and desert themed track.

Bayside Boulevard: A custom track from Mario Kart 7. Not the same as SpyKid’s track.

Bear Boulevard: Track I’m making for Bearably.

Birdo Island v2.0: I’ll make it more Birdo themed and I’ll fix some glitches the original had.

Blazing Summit: Snowy volcano track.

Blue Mushroom Sky Remake: I’ll remake it in the styles of Skylane and Kinoko Cave.

Bowsette's Castle: Based off of GCN Bowser's Castle.

Brianna's Circuit: One of my characters' tracks.

Butterfly Effect: A chaotic 1 lap track.

Capsaicin Fortress: A track based off of Fuego Castle and Bowser's Infernal Fortress.

Caramel Apple: Based off of Disco Fever and Junk Food Wonderland.

Chaotic Grass Hill: A Track heavily inspired by One Super Race.

Clan Cave: Concept by Huili.

Cloudy Air Road Remake: I’ll remake it in the styles of GBA Sky Garden and Space Road.

Color Dimension Remake: This will definitely not be as painful on the eyes.

Condor Paradise: One of my characters' tracks.

Cthulhu Cave: One of my characters' tracks.

Cyan Loop: Similar to Purple Loop.

Dance of the Swords: One of my characters' tracks.

Dark Rainbow: Rainbow Road that starts off dark but gets brighter as it goes.

Darky Cliff Remake: Trying to keep it as true to the original as I can.

Delfino Park Remake: Based off of the old version AKA Delfino Beach and Quadrate Circuit.

Desert Night: A 2 lap track that is based off of Tomb of Anubis.

Desert Storm: Based off of GCN Dry Dry Desert.

DK Waterfall Remake: I'll remake it in the styles of Jungle Island and Underground Sky.

Down to Earth: This one is a question mark for now but it might happen if I can get SpyKid’s permission.

Dragon's Peak: Based off of Heart of China.

Dreadnought and the Battlerock: A CT based off of Super Mario Galaxy and a character I made that can be seen in the track at some parts.

Drift Machine: Factory and Luigi Circuit styled track.

Eerie Chateau: Based off of Horror Mansion.

ESCAPE: The key to success lies at the end.

Ethereal Dissection: Moo Moo Meadows and SNES Ghost Valley 2 hybrid.

F-Zero Silence: Will be similar to Cloud Carpet by YoshiGo99.

Fate: The second key track in the wonder tracks.

The Final Flight: The remaining survivors drove this extremely difficult track.

Fire Halation: Opposite of Snow Halation.

Fireclay Fortress: Concept made by Quattro.

Fireground Hotway: A few stone platforms on lava with backwards cannons.

Firewall Falls: Lava waterfall track.

Floating Water: Based off of River of Dreams.

Formula 1 Dream: Forza inspired track.

Flying Fish Falls: Waterfall track that goes into the sky.

Forest Island: Concept made by louieStop.

Galactic Disco: Based off of Disco Fever.

Glitter Gleam: Yellow light themed track.

Globular Fission: A Toxic Moon and Grumble Volcano fusion.

Golden Hands: One of my characters' tracks.

Gooey Plant: Toxic Labs based track.

Grassy Plains II: Sequel to Grassy Plains.

Happy Fluffy Canyon: One of my characters' tracks.

Helter Skelter: Trying to get this out for v6 of Hack Pack.

Hemoglobin Falls: Volcano track that uses the lava from Blood Fire Sky.

Hollow Moon: Eerie nighttime track.

Horror Valley Remake: Based off of King Boo's Area with elements from GBA Broken Pier and some billboards referencing Spooky's Jumpscare Mansion.

Hydrodrome: A 1 lap water stadium track.

Icestorm Peak Branch: It’ll have a storm to make the name make since.

Inferno: A huge track based off of a drawing I made.

Intruder: Track based off of a song.

Inside the Monster: Based off of an idea 4TLPati had.

Inside the Motherboard: Based off of The Chamber.

Jaws of Steel: One of my characters' tracks.

Juggernaut's Joyride: One of my characters' tracks.

Justin's Box Track Remake: An idea Huili suggested. A 5 lap stadium track with a dance floor in the middle. It will have yachts and piantas as well.

Look At Me: Track themed after X's song.

LR Rocket Racer Run: I’m porting this from the N64 version.

Lunar Echoes: Haunted space themed track.

Magicae Raceway: My IRL friend's signature track.

Majora's Castle Remake: Keeping the same layout but it will be a haunted castle instead.

Melting Pot: Huge Luncheon Kingdom inspired track.

Miku's Birthday Spectacular: Another MK7 custom track.

Mimic Paws: One of my characters' tracks.

Moby's Planet: A track that goes inside a whale for one section.

Molten Mountainway Branch: It’ll have more tricks and a brand new cave section.

Moomoo Island Remake: I’ll remake it in the styles of Bouncy Farm and Sky Beach.

Mountain Crazyness Remake: I’ll remake it in the style of Kinoko Cave.

Mushroom Garden Remake: I’ll remake it in the styles of Kinoko Cave and Sweet Garden.

Mushroom Glacier: Concept made by Quattro.

Mushroom Trail: Concept made by ProNA.

Mysterious Facility: Based off of the game Changed.

Mysterious Vision: A track that starts off with a nature theme but the last section of the track goes all dark and spooky.

Mystic Farm: A track in a dream I had.

N64 Rainbow Road: I’m going to use the Mario Kart 8 version for this track.

Narshe Circuit Remake: Calling this new version Frosty Village.

Ocean Dream: 2 lap water track.

Osmosis: Water themed track.

Pandora's Box: Based off of the Greek myth. It’s a track filled with chaos and sticky road.

Paradox Dimension: Basically a shorter version of Paradoxic Worldway.

Peak Garden Remake: I’ll remake it in the styles of Rocky Cliff and Birdo Island.

Perfect Storm: Another chaotic track.

Pink Crescent Hills: A sweets theme track that features croissants and other pastries.

Pipe Pipe Planet: The most unique MK7 CT that I could find. I’m porting this once I get good at porting.

Plush Plunge: One of my characters' tracks.

Punch City Branch: Based off of both versions and Mario Odyssey’s New Donk City.

Pyramid of Life: Concept made by Huili.

Quake City: Concept made by Huili.

Radio Dream: My IRL friend's signature track.

Rainbow Desert: Based off of N.I.S.W.O.E. Desert and Lunar Lights.

Rainbow Loop: Similar to Purple Loop but it's more of a space stage.

Rainbow Volcano: Based off of Molten Mountainway, Dark Matter Shrine, and Volcanic Skyway.

Refresh Road Remake: I’ll remake it in the styles of Ocean Circuit and Seaside Circuit.

Resistance: First key track in the wonder tracks.

Revolving Bell Tower: A structure in a dream I had that I will make into a CT.

Ruin Labyrinth Remake: I'll remake it in the styles of Hell Pyramid and Celestial Ruins.

SM3DW Plessie's Dune Downhill: My favorite stage from Super Mario 3D World.

SM64 Mysterious Mountainside: I’m doing this after I release at least 1 track.

SMSR Slide levels: I’ll try to port all known slide levels in Super Mario Star Road. Some will be upscaled.

SNES Mario Circuit 1: I’ll probably port the MK8 CT.

Sand Speedway II Remake: Calling this new version Limestone Sands.

Scuttlebug Jamboree: Baby Park inspired CT made as a request by TZ.

Sea Spaceway: Based off of BillyNoodles' tracks.

Seasick Storm: Haunted water track.

Seaside Summit: Based off of Icy Alps and Glacial Pics.

Shadow Light Road Remake: I’ll remake it in the styles of Kinoko Cave and Darkness Temple.

Sickle Sea: One of my characters' tracks.

Silence: Not the F-Zero stage, but it's similar to it.

Six King Labyrinth Remake: Planning to make the beginning look like a section of Dawn Township and remaking the entire end section.

SK City: My IRL friend's signature track.

Sky Celestial Sun: A huge sun with a race track on it.

Snakerocks: A huge floating rock with fire snakes and chain chomps. Name comes from a book series called Warriors.

Snow Drive: Another winter themed track named after a song.

Snow Halation: A winter themed track where lava is pouring out onto the track. It is named after a song.

Snowflake Spaceway: Based off of BillyNoodles' tracks.

Snuggly Snow: One of my characters' tracks.

Soft Heart: One of my characters' tracks.

Sonic R Resort Island: Porting it because Nathaniel Bandy wanted a Sonic R track in MKW.

Space Glass: A SketchUp model I made that MaximilianoMK might remake.

Sparkly Spires: One of my characters' tracks.

Spiky Mesa: One of my characters' tracks.

Sprintmaster Track 6: Based off of the ice appearance.

Stagefright: A flying creepy circus.

Star Halation: Sequel to Snow Halation.

Starslide: Originally made by SpyKid, finishing it up with his permission.

Status Quo: Another track named after a song.

Sticky Honey: One of my characters' tracks.

Stunt Park: Concept made by louieStop.

Styx Helix: Re:Zero based track.

Sunbeam Sanctuary: Track inspired by Daisy Gardens.

Sunningrocks: Another Warriors based stage.

Sunset Circuit 4: Still a question mark for now but hopefully I can kickstart it soon.

Sunset Island Remake: I'll keep the original style but redo the layout.

Sunset Park: Basic track inspired by Putinas’ models.

Sunshine Peaks: 1 lap mountain track.

TAS (Tool Assisted Speedway) Branch: Keeping the same layout but adding missing features and fixing bugs.

TB's Road Remake: I’ll remake it in the styles of Darkness Power Plant, Volcanic Skyway II, and Space Race Castle.

Tilted Towers: Talking to Dawntinq about this.

Tobys Road Remake: I’ll remake it in the styles of Volcanic Skyway II and 8-Bit Road.

Toxic's Circuit: My own basic track. It’s long but fun.

Tree Circuit Remake: I'll remake it in the styles of Sweet Garden and Emotion Journey's happiness section.

Trek of Shapes Remake: I’ll remake it in the styles of Rainbow Run, Lakeside Skyway, and DS Twilight House.

Trench: Twenty one pilots themed track.

Trick Mountain Remake: I’ll remake it in the style of Rocky Cliff.

Tropical Mansion: Trying to combine unlikely themes to make wacky and unique tracks.

Twisted Trials: Based off of a galaxy in SMG2.

Underground Sky Branch: Based off of the 1 lap version.

Unknown Mansion: Based off of Mansion of Madness.

Valley Pathway Remake: I’ll remake it in the styles of Crossingville and Riverview Square.

Vanishing Path: A track where the road disappears as you drive on it. I got this idea from Anime Circuit.

Volcano's Mine Remake: Calling this new version Magma Shaft.

Weather Blossom: A giant flower being soaked in rain and sunlight at the same time.

Xylophone Spaceway: Uses textures from 3DS Music Park.

Yucky Swamp: Based off of Thwomp Swamp.

Zap Zone: Concept made by Huili.

By the same author: Toxic Prime

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WIP Tracks:
Snow Halation – Final Island – ASDF_Course

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