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Hi! I’m Tpointer56 AKA Toxic Prime. I am working with SketchUp to make CTs, and if you want to work with me on anything, send me a message and I probably will work with you. I’m an American MK and Geometry Dash player that makes a lot of art and animations.

Released Tracks

Birdo Island v1.0: A Project me and GuidedByVoices worked on. Thanks to SlipperyMac for fixing all the issues it had. ZPL Gaming made a new version as well. The final version will be released soon.

Sunset Bridge v1.0: A remake me and ChisSilver64 made together. Another remake will be released soon.

Volcanic Skyway (Toxic Prime & Rosalina Speedruns): Collab with Rosalina Speedruns. It’s based off of v2.3.

Northpole Slide (Toxic Prime & Bri): Currently in alpha state, hope to update it soon. Another remake will be released soon.

Tower Loop (Toxic Prime, Rosalina Speedruns & ZPL Gaming): Got permission from Jay089 (the creator) to remake this.

Blue Loop (Toxic Prime & TZ): Made my own version because the current one is lacking in my opinion. A huge update is planned to make this track better.

Petite Town: My first original design in MKW. It was made for my IRL friend.

F-Zero White Land I (Toxic Prime): I will make more F-Zero ports in the future.

Orange Loop (Toxic Prime & Bri): My first track with shadows.

Horror Valley: One of my best tracks.

Hemoglobin Falls: Inspired by Shy Guy Falls and Blood Fire Sky.

Cheese Road 2 (Toxic Prime): I got inspiration from Toy Time Galaxy’s third Star in Super Mario Galaxy.

SNES Rainbow Road (Toxic Prime): This was intended to be a joke. A future update is in progress to make it a more serious track.

Cheese Road 1 (Toxic Prime): Made this so people wouldn’t wonder why I didn’t do Cheese Road 1.

Cheese Road 3 (Toxic Prime): Decided to complete the trilogy.

Castle of Hope: I made the track concept in 2018 and Lovelifeandtpose024 made it into a CT.

Work In Progress Tracks

Original Tracks
Track name Status Collab With Version
Abandoned Alpine 10% IEF◇Spyro v1.0
Amethyst Falls 19% ProNA v1.0
Antimolecular Distribution 10% N/A v1.0
Astral Inferno 20% ZPL Gaming v1.0
Final Island 10% ZPL Gaming Beta
Fire Plains 10% ZPL Gaming v1.0
Fluffy Bunny Heaven 0% N/A v1.0
Holy Grail 25% TZ v1.0
Lava Moat 20% N/A v1.0
Lava Mountain 5% ZPL Gaming v1.0
Moa Therma 12% Quattro v1.0
Paradox Castleway 20% ProNA, Aidan190903, ANoob v1.0
Phantom Road - No Return 5% ProfessorDoktorGamer v1.0
Pink Loop 10% GuidedByVoices Beta 1
Pyramid of Life 5% N/A v1.0
Saltwater Sinkhole 20% N/A Beta
Snow Halation 20% Ayoraster v1.0
Spectrum Syzygy 30% ZPL Gaming, IEF◇Spyro v1.0
Stormshower Canopy 25% N/A Beta
Toxic Falls 5% N/A v1.0
Woomy64's Raceway 30% Rosalina Speedruns v1.0
Track name Status Collab With Version Originally Made By
ASDF_Course 40% Rosalina Speedruns v1.0 Guilmon35249vr
Blue Loop 40% N/A v2.0 YellowYoshi
Cannon City 0% Quattro v1.0 kHacker35000vr
Cloudy Air Road 0% N/A v1.0 Nikimkw
Desert Fort (Barren Bastion) 0% Quattro v1.0 JorisMKW
Icy Shroom Road 20% Quattro v1.0 BigOto2
Justin's Box Track 10% Quattro v1.0 FlamingGamesify
Lame Course 0% Quattro v1.0 qwertyuiop82465
Mushroom Garden 0% N/A v1.0 BillyNoodles
Northpole Slide 10% N/A v1.0 metaknight2550
Optiphoria 0% N/A v1.0 BillyNoodles
Punch City (Punch City 3) 5% N/A v1.0 HelloImYourMind
Rainbow Mountain 7% N/A v1.0 Red Flame
Sunset Bridge 10% N/A v2.0 TB 358
Tool Assisted Speedway 0% N/A v1.0 WeaselHax