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SuperMario64DS is also a member of "Mario Kart Wii" and "Super Mario Galaxy 2.5", under SuperMario64DS on both sites. I am from and currently live in the UK.

Custom Tracks

Here is a list of custom tracks I'm/I've Doing/Did/Done (In order).

Jungle Island

My first is Custom Track was Jungle Island.

Jungle Island was finished December 31st 2011, but was released January 1st, 2012 so a Video could be made. A second version which updates the majority of the track is planned.

SM64 Bob-Omb Battlefield

My second custom track, SM64 Bob-Omb Battlefield is a port of the level Bob-Omb Battlefield to Mario Kart Wii.

It was originally released February 16th, 2012, but was completely remade into a new course and re-released on June 18th, 2012.

GBA Snow Land

A remake of the course, GBA Snow Land from The Game Boy version of Mario Kart.

It was released April 10th, 2012.

Custom Characters

Here is a list of the Custom Characters I have made:

Sonic The Hedgehog

An animated version of the famous SEGA Mascot, Sonic The Hedgehog. It features a new Custom model. It is also my first character hack.

In Progress

All of my current (solo) projects are listed here. Anything else is not listed.

The list is set in the order of priorities, so these projects should be finished in the order listed:

  • DS Shroom Ridge - A port from Mario Kart DS, includes several graphical modifications & updates
  • Tropical Resort - A course based off of the level Tropical Resort from Sonic Colours.

Planned Projects

Here is a list of planned Projects for later on. As each project gets finished, it will move up with the Finished Projects, and a new project will take it's place.

  • Jungle Island V2, a both graphical & visual update to Jungle Island that will most likely change it's overall route & style
  • DS Rainbow Road - I have the model for this level, and we now know how to make the loop work! It is being worked on co-operatively with Tock, and is put on hold until several other projects are completed
  • GBA Yoshi Desert - My favorite Mario Kart Super Circuit Course, this will definitely be at the top.
  • Jelly World - A race on a world made of Gelatin Dessert!
  • Nightline City - A city... At night
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