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SuperMario64DS is a member of the Mario Kart Wii hacking community who often attempted to create a wide variety of unique ports, as well as original tracks from time to time.


I live in the UK and I do "computer stuff" for a living. My time here largely influenced my career choice, and exposed me to a variety of things and allowed me to train in certain areas I may have never been exposed to otherwise.


I first discovered the existence of custom tracks in 2010 after coming across a video of MKDasher's port of GCN Daisy Cruiser. Several weeks later, I 'hacked' my Wii via Bathaxx.

In March 2011, I signed up for an old Mario Kart forum (then considered the 'hub' for custom tracks). At the time, the release of CTools was literally days away and Custom Mario Kart had just opened - I had arrived at the most convenient time possible.

After several 'hiccups' of notable proportions, Jungle Island was finally released the very next year. I later went on to create much more successful tracks such as DS Shroom Ridge, and, most notably, GP Mario Beach.

As of April 2017, I am no longer actively participating in this community.

Custom Tracks

Jungle Island

My first custom track was Jungle Island, released on January 1st, 2012.

This is my only non-port custom track to date.

SM64 Bob-omb Battlefield

My second custom track was a of port Bob-omb Battlefield from Super Mario 64. Originally conceived as SM64DS Bob-omb Battlefield, it was first released on February 16th, 2012.

A remake was made in the July of 2012, changing the course's layout and name to SM64 Bob-omb Battlefield. Due to poor response, this course is no longer credited and has been disowned.

GBA Snow Land

My third custom track, GBA Snow Land made in Google SketchUp.

DS Shroom Ridge

My fourth custom track, DS Shroom Ridge, released on October 6th, 2012.


GP Mario Beach

My fifth and most recent custom track, GP Mario Beach. The first port ever from from the Mario Kart GP series, as well as the first from a non-home console. It was done in collaboration with DJ Lowgey who supplied the model.

Released on December 31st, 2012.

AN unreleased remake was in progress, but never released. A video cane b seen at GP Mario Beach.

Other 'mods'

Sonic the Hedgehog

One of the first few custom characters made with BrawlBox. It's purpose was to test CHR0 animation.

Due to poor response, this is no longer credited.


  • None

In progress

  • GP Mario Beach v2 - A finalized version of Mario Beach. Delayed indefinitely


Secondary versions of GBA Snow Land and Jungle Island had begun development, but fell out of favour after exclusion from the CTGP.

A track themed after Tropical Resort from Sonic Colours was also in progress, but was dropped in favour of GP Mario Beach. When I joined the community, I had wished to make a custom track out of Bianco Hills from Super Mario Sunshine - Development on such a project did begin, but did not continue. Similarly, several attempts to make a track out of Delfino Plaza also failed.

Additionally, a port of the character Blinky from Mario Kart Arcade GP had begun development and had been fully finalized. Unfortunately the files related to the character have been lost.


As for planned projects or ideas that made very little progress:

  • DS Rainbow Road - A planned collaboration with Tock (with slight help from Gericom). Tock went onto post a concept video track, and no further development occurred.
  • GP Mario Highway Scrapped due to the fact that GP Mario Beach nullified its purpose.
  • GP Rainbow Coaster - A planned collaboration with DJ Lowgey, who unfortunately ceased all communication at the time.
  • N64 Luigi Raceway - A collaboration with Captain Kwark, who vanished from the community without word. In development until ZillaSpaz released his version.
  • GBA Yoshi Desert - Began development alongside GBA Snow Land, but didn't make much progress.


Thanks to all the wonderful people who helped along the way - you know who you are! I had fun participating in this community and getting to know a variety of people from different backgrounds, skill sets, and creative perspectives. Though some wandered off long ago, I hope all of their lives turn out wonderfully, and they remember me and their time here as fondly I do. It's surprising to think it's been seven years. Good luck everyone, and if you would ever like to get back in touch, I can always be reached via message. Seven years later, and signing off, --SuperMario64DS (talk) 02:57, 30 April 2017 (UTC)