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Hello! I'm Rex. I'm a newbie at making custom tracks and other things, so don't expect a ton from me haha :p

Right now I'm only working on my own custom tracks in SketchUp, but eventually I might try to get into porting tracks from other Mario Kart titles and maybe some outside games, and texture related stuff if I feel like it.

Don't really know what else to put up here, so I'll update this profile whenever I feel like it. Thanks for stopping by, I guess!

My current projects

Custom Tracks
Track Name Latest Version Info Planned future updates
LCP Floor It 1 Beta (2019-03-27) A track based off the first level of the minigame Floor It from SpongeBob SquarePants: Lights, Camera, Pants!.
  • Making the track resemble the original more (using textures from the original track, adding more scenery, etc.)
Telamon Heights Alpha (2019-06-03) A custom track ported from the Roblox game Mario Kart: Roblox Dash!
  • Fixing the KCL bug
  • Fix broken textures
  • Adding a shortcut and other features

Character Textures
Texture Name Latest Version Info Planned future updates
Cyan Koopa Troopa Beta (2019-04-15) My first character texture, inspired by the one I made for Mario Kart 8. Currently only has textures for Blue Falcon and Bullet Bike.
  • Adding support for more vehicles (Standard Kart, Standard Bike, Bit Bike, Magicruiser, and Jet Bubble are planned to be supported next update)

Old/Unsupported projects

These are projects that I don't plan on continuing, and these will no longer be updated unless it is for something very minor. Other people are free to update these projects, (this goes for my other projects as well) preferably after asking for permission.

Custom Tracks
Track Name Latest Version Info
Sherbet Circuit RC3 (2019-06-06) Discontinued due to the ways I made this track, as I didn't use modern tools when making the initial track, and I find the track boring to race on in general, not to mention the buggy enemy and item routes, along with various other problems with the course. I will probably remake this track from scratch at a later point, but I don't expect to do that anytime soon.
Custom Arenas
Arena Name Latest Version Info
GCN Pipe Plaza Alpha 2 (2019-04-04) No longer updating this, simply due to having lack of interest in making a battle arena nowadays.

WIP/Planned projects

Custom Tracks
Track Name Info Possible Release
Autobahn Highway* A speed modded track, as inspired by the real life highway with no speed limit, potentially including minor traffic sections. Might be a point to point track. Late July/Early August
LCP Floor It 2 The second out of the three levels of the minigame Floor It from SpongeBob LCP. Unknown

*Name is currently not final

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By the same author: RotationRex

Custom Tracks:
Sherbet CircuitLCP Floor It 1Telamon Heights

Custom Arenas:
GCN Pipe Plaza

Character Textures:
Cyan Koopa Troopa