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4.[[Diamond DK (Donkey Kong Texture)|Diamond DK]]
4.[[Diamond DK (Donkey Kong Texture)|Diamond DK]]
5.[[Emerald DK (Donkey Kong Texture)|Emerald DK]]

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Just an average person now getting into custom track making.

Template is here: Template:User-Retrostyle12-Link

Custom Tracks

1.Donut Steppe 1

2.Donut Steppe 2

3.Koopa Beach 3

4.Koopa Beach 4

5.Wild Canyon 1

6.Death Chamber 2

7.DK's Trick Joint

8.Blue Green Road

9.Black Loop

10.Cheese Road 1

11.Cheese Road 2

12.Ghost Valley 4

13.Ghost Valley 5

14.Ghost Valley 6

15.SNES Rainbow Road 2

16.Mario Circuit 5

17.Sky High Bash

18.Entei Castle 1

19.Wild Canyon 3

Custom Arenas

1.Wild Canyon 2

2.Death Chamber 1

3.Cheese Arena 1

4.Death Chamber 3

Retro Tracks & Imports

1.SNES Vanilla Lake 1

2.SMB2 Charming Banana Road

3.SMB2 Lovely Heart Ring

4.SMB2 Clock Tower Hill

5.SMB2 Cannonball Circuit

6.SMB2 Submarine Street

7.F-Zero White Land II

8.SD2 Mystic Cave

9.SMB1 Speed Desert

10.F-Zero Mute City I

11.Zelda OoT Lon Lon Ranch

12.SNES Choco Island 2

Retro Arenas & Imports

1.SMB2 Beehive

2.GBA Battle Course 4

3.SNES Battle Course 3

4.Zelda OoT Lon Lon Ranch

5.Zelda OoT Sacred Forest Meadow

6.DS MR_stage1

7.DS MR_stage2

8.DS MR_stage3

Track Edits

1.Mario Valley 3


1.Northpole Slide

2.Orange Loop

3.Blue Loop

4.Yellow Loop

5.Bowser's Castle 1

6.Green Loop


Texture Hacks

1.Space Colony

2.Pumpkin Hill

3.Meteor Herd

Character Textures


2.SSBM Donkey Kong Alts.

3.SSBB Donkey Kong Alts.

4.Diamond DK

5.Emerald DK

By the same author: Retrostyle12