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Avatar: Ptpix1 avatar.png
YouTube: Ptpix1
Twitter: Ptpix1
Discord: Ptpix1#0519

Hello! My name is Peter, known online as Ptpix1. In Mario Kart Wii, I'm known as pete☆ptpix. A little bit about me:

  • I'm a huge fan of Nintendo games (mostly Smash Bros, Kirby, and of course Mario).
  • I'm also a really big fan of electronic music, with Daft Punk being my favorite artist. I like other genres of music as well though.
  • I was also involved in the Mario Kart DS modding community for a bit.
  • Sometimes I play CT worldwide matches running CTGPR or MKW Hack Pack.
  • My friend code for Mario Kart Wii is 0260-3632-0889. Feel free to add me!

I got my start on the Wiiki in 2012, when I created an account under the name, "TheMarioKartFreak". I have since lost access to this account. My first release was "Mushroom Lava Land", which is a track edit of Mushroom Gorge with different textures and mushroom placements. Looking back on it now, it's admittedly pretty bad. A little under a month later, I released "Electric Mario on Hovercraft". This is a texture hack of Mario on the Sprinter, but without wheels to give off the illusion that it's hovering. After this I took a break from MKWii. In Summer 2017, I returned to the game and the custom track community. Some months later, I began work on my first custom track, "Piranha Plant Plains". You can see more of my work at the bottom of this page (in the blue box). Thanks for visiting my page and I hope you like my CTs!

Custom Tracks Ideas

  • Distortion World - CT based off of the alternate dimension in Pokémon Platinum. Could possibly be a 1-Lap track but could also work as a 2 / 3-Lap track.
  • Volcanic Raceway - 1-Lap track that would start at the top of a volcano, and racers would have to scale down it while avoiding objects and going off ramps. It would end once racers reach the bottom.
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