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| v2
| v2
| [[wiimaster35000vr]], [[Björn]]
| [[wiimaster35000vr]], [[Björn]]
|- style="background-color:#F0F0F0"
| style="background-color:#E0E0E0" | [[Wario's Lair]] 
| v2
| [[thondam]], Remake by me

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YouTube: Luigi...the M
Skype: XhaoX1

Hey guys, I'm a 18 years old Custom Track maker.
Please call me LuigiM.

List of my Custom Tracks

My Custom Tracks
Title Stadium Made with
Seaside Resort v1
Sparkly Road v1.1 wiimaster35000vr
Water Island RC4
White Garden v1 SpyKid, Block
Retro Raceway v2 wiimaster35000vr, Björn
Wario's Lair v2 thondam, Remake by me
Custom Tracks I slightly edited
Title Stadium Custom Track by My edits
Mushroom Valley RC1.5 EC2Joshi Animation adding/fixing; made trees and plants
GCN Mushroom City RC1.2 Torran, Guilmon35249vr Made signs animated
By the same author: LuigiM