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Custom Tracks

kHacker35000vr has made 4 tracks, 2 of them are in the ctgps. k.hacker is one of the few people who made good tracks in the past with paint.


This has never been a real custom track. It was made to find out how the SZS Modifier works and how to make custom tracks There are some pics of it but it's never released and it'll never be.

| Time per lap: 0:09 | Amount of versions: 1 (no releases) |


Space Road

Here's khacker's first maior track, it was the 6th track in the ctgp. It's a kind of RainbowRoad like but it almost has the same height on every place. There are some jumps some bouncings and walls. The course itself was amazing for it's time and for k.hacker.

| Timer per lap: 1:20 | Amount of versions: 4 (now RC3)