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Picture : Jiyuu-avatar.png
Website : Jiyuu
Skype : jiyuumk
Discord : ★Jiyuu#5554
YouTube : Jiyuu

PLEASE do NOT update / make a remake of one of my tracks without asking first !!
If you have any suggestion about my Custom Tracks or just want to send a feedback, you can use this form !


"I challenge anyone to discover all mysteries of The Plain of Atlantis !! "
--Jiyuu (talk) 09:15, 20 November 2018 (UTC)


This page refers to the Mario Kart Player called Jiyuu, also written ジユウ.
Further information can be found here.

About my works

The following table sums up the current status of my works.
Please take note that I always keep secret my new tracks until the first release date.

What ? Current version Latest release date Status Next release date ?
Jiyuu's Test Track v1.0 2018-05-20 No update scheduled. Never
Icy Surroundings v3.0 2018-06-11 No update scheduled. 2020-??-??
Evening Harbor v4.6 2018-12-24 No update scheduled. 20??-??-??
Dawn Township v2.6.1 2018-05-22 No update scheduled. 20??-??-??
Lava Rocks v1.7 2019-03-03 No update scheduled. 20??-??-??
Unfinished Mario Circuit v1.4 2019-08-11 No update scheduled. 20??-??-??
The Plain of Atlantis v1.0 2018-11-19 Will probably never be updated. ????-??-??
Christmas Wish (Remake) v2.0 2018-12-24 No update scheduled. 20??-??-??
Alternative N64 Bowser's Castle v2.0.1 2019-07-23 No update scheduled. 20??-??-??
Jiyuu Village v1.1c 2019-07-23 No update scheduled. 2019-??-??
What ? Current version Latest release date Status Next release date ?
Zelda on Flame Runner (from SSB.Ultimate) v1.0 2019-01-12 No update scheduled. 20??-??-??
Dawn Arena v1.0 2019-03-04 No update scheduled. 2019-??-??


Here is a list of frequently asked questions with their answers.

  • Someone : Can I be your friend ?
Jiyuu : Mmh yes :)
  • Someone : Would you like to join my Discord server ?
Jiyuu : Sure, but don't expect me to be super active though.
  • Someone : Would you like to take part in judging CTs for my distribution/contribute to my distribution ?
Jiyuu : Maybe. PM me on Discord.
  • Someone : Would you like to create a CT with me ?
Jiyuu : Depends on your level and motivation. But normally I don't do coop.
  • Someone : Will you create CTs on MK8/MK8DX ?
Jiyuu : Probably yes.
  • Someone : Can you update my track ?
Jiyuu : Maybe. Just ask. At least I'd give you advice.
  • Someone : Will you make remakes of old CTs ?
Jiyuu : Yes, but don't request for a particular remake.
  • Someone : Will you make tutorials ?
Jiyuu : No.
  • Someone : Will you make a timelapse of you creating a CT ?
Jiyuu : Maybe one day, yes.
  • Someone : Can you help me ?
Jiyuu : Definitely yes. I've years of experience in 3D modelling, texturing, sculpting, texture/mat creation on various softwares, etc. I could probably give you advice for your CT. Just ask ;)
  • Someone : What softwares do you use ?
Jiyuu : For my CTs I mainly use Cinema 4D, 3DS Max 2009/2016 and zBrush. I also have a set of plugins made by myself for assisting me in my CT creation workflow. For personnal use I love using other softwares such as Unreal Engine, After Effects and a lot of others digital creation softwares. Yes, I'm not only a CT creator... :)
  • Someone : Can I reuse your textures for my CT ?
Jiyuu : Yes, I'll soon release a set of all textures that I fully created from scratch for my own CTs and that I'm ok that you reuse for your own CTs (or anything else) if you want/need. Be patient for now.

Additional information

  • You should NOT edit my works without my agreement.
  • The name of the next-to-be-released Custom Track will often be "Unknown name". The official names will only be revealed the day of the official first public release date.
  • The translations of my works to French will always be performed by myself.
I am also translating to French the name of other authors' custom tracks.