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Hi,I am Jerry. A 16 year old Canadian player, who likes Mario Kart Wii, and is inspired by making CT's. I mostly into doing TTs and mostly other stuff. Whenever I have a good idea of what I want to make for my Custom Track, I usually come up with some plans , then start with the progress whenever I am motivated to do so. I usually make my tracks from Sketch up,and some extra finishing touches with the objects that I incorporate in my tracks or I do something different with them to make it more different(Custom objects,etc).Anyways that's about it for now, feel free to check out my channel out, I do also upload new CT's on YouTube, which I use Dolphin to get the video capture. The reason is that I can find any issues that can be found while playing that tracks on a Emulator, but that will change soon.. YouTube Page

My Custom Tracks

This is a list of all my Custom Tracks
Name Status Video Link
Bowser's Lava Road v3.4 Released, Working on v3.4b. [1]
Desert Night Sky v1.1 Released, Working on v1.1b. [2]
Lair Land v0.2 Released, working on v0.3.
Tropical Island v2.3 Released, Working on v2.3b. [3]