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★ About me ★

Youtube iSpyro
Twitch S_pyx
Discord Server Spyro's Den
Discord Tag Spyro ♪#6969

Howdy, my name is Spyro. I am a Custom track creator from New Zealand. My aim is to make high quality custom tracks that are fun to race on and look up to todays standards. If I lack motivation on finishing a track, I will upload the SZS to my Discord Server for private release. These are NOT to be made public.

★ Inspirational creators ★

★ Notes ★

  • If you wish to update my tracks, talk to me about it on Discord or my Talk page.
  • I do not accept track requests, I like to make things at my ideas. However I often do ask to be given ideas for my own creations as I may need help think of things.
  • I will update tracks for certain packs if requested, and if I have the time. Though I may not do them as I have projects of my own.
  • Packs such as JHFR I like doing work with the creators as they aren't super picky about what needs changing.

★ Upcoming Tracks ★

Astronomical Overdrive

A track set in outer space with a a resemblance to Trainbow Road. The track will feature a loop, floating question mark blocks, note blocks and bricks around the track to make it feel like Space Junk Galaxy from Super Mario Galaxy 1. It will also be the first time that I create a track specifically for the JHFR CT Pack as I'd like to focus on more wacky designs and gameplay.

Astronimical Overdrive Beta

Hell's Dimension

A track that was heavily inspired off of supernatural beings and activity; the satanic references and atmosphere to give it more of an eerie and creepy vibe. The track was also based off of DarkyBenji's texture hack, Satan Castle. The track will mainly use a red and black color palette to make it feel more like a hellish and satanic track. It takes place in an eroded dungeon that was once used as a prison chamber to torture its prisoners and was then left to rot even further over time as the mass' of blood from its' prisoners flood the dungeon, leaving no-one alive.

Hell's Dimension Alpha

Sky High Island

A track heavily inspired off of Caron's Sky Beach. This track has always been my favorite in terms of how beautiful it is, so I've wanted to try take on my own version of a track like this while also making it as fun, and visually impressive as I can. This track will also be the first one I would like to complete by myself so that I can get a good leap into custom track creation, and learning many different things about how things work.

Sky High Island Beta 2

★ Track Status ★


Red = Incomplete / In development.
Yellow = Near completion / Needs more major fixes.
Green = Finished and out to play.

Light Grey = Original design.
Medium Grey = Retro track / Port / Recreation.
Dark Grey = Remake / Re-design of an already existing track.

Type Track Current Version Status
Custom Sahara Hideout v2.19 Finished.
Remake Cannon City III Remake BRRES and tweak check points.
Custom Cliffside Falls v1.1 Finished → See Kinoko Canyon.
Custom Castle of Fate ???
Retro / Port DS Cheep Cheep Beach v1.0 Update at a later date.
Retro Update GBA Bowser Castle 1 v2.5 Finished.
Retro Update SNES Bowser Castle 2 v1.8 Finished.
Remake Grassy Plains v3.5 Finished.
Remake Kingdom of Ghosts v2.5 Finished.
Remake Fishdom Island v7.3 Finished.
Remake Lavaflow Volcano v1.0 Update at a later date.
Remake Lunar Speedway v2.5 Lower mipmapping.
Custom Sky High Island Modelling phase complete.
Remake Kinoko Canyon Cliffside Falls remake?
Custom Lava Prison v1.1 Finished.
Custom Magmatic Sanctuary v1.2 Finished unless the draw distance is fixed.
Retro Update SNES Mario Circuit 1 v2.0 Finished.
Retro / Port N64 Banshee Boardwalk v1.0 Finished.