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Avatar: File:ISpyro.png
YouTube: IEF◇Spyro
Discord: iSpyro#6969

A little bit about me.

Hello everyone, My name is Ethan or also known as Spyro in MKW and i have been playing since 2009. Ive always wanted to start making custom tracks ever since I joined the Custom track community in March 16th 2018, and I have some projects that I want to upload when they are fully completed :D Most of my tracks are made using SketchUp since I find that Blender and 3ds Max are too hard for me to learn so the quality of my tracks may not be top notch :P None the less, I hope you all enjoy what i make as it really motivates me to carry on doing what I love! If you have any suggestion on what track i should make, contact me via Discord - iSpyro#6969 and we can get something started as im always open to ideas and suggestions!

Be sure to check out these creators too since they've helped me immensely with my tracks! :D

Additional Notes

  • DO NOT update or change my tracks without my knowledge or consent, Ask me first via Discord.
  • Do not ask me to remake a track, I will remake a track if I desire to.
  • If you find any bugs / glitches with my tracks, also tell me on discord as I read all my DM's , anything told on the Wiki I will most likely not take any notice since i'm still unfamiliar with most of it.
  • If I have given you permission to use one of my models, You must put me as the Designer of the track, or I will just edit the page and put myself there if not done.
  • If I have given you a Private release of one of my tracks DO NOT attempt to upload it as I will remove the download link as its supposed to be "Private".

My Tracks / Remakes

Track Progress Version
Fishdom Island Update Planned To v7.5 v7.1
Grassy Plains Finished v2.5
Kingdom of Ghosts Finished v2.5
Delfino Beach KMP and BRRES need to be done Beta
Sahara Hideout Finished v1.71
Cliffside Falls Update Planned To v1.1 v1.0
Lavaflow Volcano Remake Planned Beta
Cannon City III KMP and BRRES need to be done Alpha-Private
Lunar Speedway Update Planned To v2.2 to fix Halfpipes v2.1
Castle of Fate Unknown Progress Beta
DS Cheep Cheep Beach Sections still need tweaking Private
GBA Bowser Castle 1 KCL Update Planned v2.0

Thanks for checking out my page and im looking forward to the Months / Years to come! :D