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| [[Magmatic Sanctuary]]
| [[Magmatic Sanctuary]]
| v1.0
| v1.0
| Major KMP fixes.;
| Major KMP fixes.

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YouTube: iSpyro
Discord: FelixFluff#6969
Discord Server Spyro's Den & Emotes

About me

Hello, my name is Spyro. I am a Custom track creator from New Zealand. My aim is to make high quality custom tracks that are fun to race on and look up to todays standards. If I lack motivation on finishing a custom track, I will upload the SZS to my Discord Server for private release. These are NOT to be made public.

Inspirational creators


  • If you wish to update my tracks, talk to me about it on Discord or my Talk page.
  • I tend to not accept track requests for remakes as I don't always have ideas for it right away, however, if you provide some sort of concept / concept art, I may give it a shot, but I wouldn't be surprised if I say no as I like to stick to my own ideas, or doing original tracks.

Track Status

Track Current Version Status
Sahara Hideout v2.19 Finished.
Cannon City III Beta-Private On hold.
Cliffside Falls v1.1 Finished → See Kinoko Canyon.
Castle of Fate  ???
DS Cheep Cheep Beach v1.0 Update at a later date.
GBA Bowser Castle 1 v2.1 Finished.
SNES Bowser Castle 2 v1.8 Finished.
Grassy Plains v3.5 Fix Z-fighting on the waterfall.
Kingdom of Ghosts v2.5 Finished.
Fishdom Island v7.3 Finished.
Lavaflow Volcano v1.0 Update at a later date.
Lunar Speedway v2.5 Lower mipmapping.
Sky High Island
Kinoko Canyon Cliffside Falls remake?
Lava Prison v1.1 Finished.
Magmatic Sanctuary v1.0 Major KMP fixes.

Featured Videos

Magmatic Sanctuary Time Trial - Beta
F-777 Music Pack - Dxrk
Sahara Hideout v1.61 Time Trial - rusoX
Custom Track Showcase - Sawyer
DS Cheep Cheep Beach v1.0 Presentation - Natani