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Discord: Hollend#6082
Twitter: @thho573
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Hi! I'm Hollend and I'm a MKW/MK8/MK8DX player. I started modding in late 2017 with my first custom track: Hollend's Track 2! Then I started another track which became my favorite of all my collection: Containers Raceway. In the beginning of 2019, I started to remake all the tracks from MSUSA. Despite having a nice visual on my tracks, I try to make them nice to play and glitch-free.

I spend the most of my time playing MK8DX competitively but if you want to update my tracks, feel free to do it without asking me (but don't forget to tag me on discord to show what you've done)

Current Project

There are currently 4 tracks under construction.

Custom Tracks / Remakes

Tracks Type Version Currently working on? Date of last update Information
Containers Raceway Custom v2.3-hotfix No 2020-03-27 First track published on the Wiiki.
Hollend's Track 1 Custom v1.1 No 2019-02-13 Random track in order to test some stuffs.
Hollend's Track 2 Custom v1.3 No 2019-09-03 First modeled track.
GBA Peach Circuit Remake v1.2 No 2019-09-01 Based on a model I found on the 3DWarehouse.
MSUSA Philadelphia Remake v1.4 No 2020-01-13 Remade track from Mickey's Speedway USA.
MSUSA Alaska Remake v1.32 No 2020-03-31 Remade track from Mickey's Speedway USA.
MSUSA Grand Canyon Remake v1.1 No 2020-01-12 Remade track from Mickey's Speedway USA. I should update intro and outro cameras as well as the minimap.
MSUSA Indianapolis Remake v1.1 No 2020-01-20 Remade track from Mickey's Speedway USA.
MSUSA Colorado Remake v1.3 No 2020-06-13 Remade track from Mickey's Speedway USA.
MSUSA New Orleans Port Modeling No 2020-??-?? Ripping the model went absolutely great, the only problem is that I have to retexture the whole model to fit with the MKW standards.
MSUSA Oregon Remake Announced No 2020-??-?? I'm trying to get ideas for this track by looking at Oregon's landscape.
MSUSA New York Remake Modeling No 2020-??-?? Modeling phase! It should be a good remake. That's why it will take some time.
MSUSA Chicago Remake Modeling No 2020-??-?? Modeling phase! The model is 70% done, the 30% required are just small details..
Pinewood Path Custom v1.0 Yes 2020-10-29 v1.0 is finally here! It features a brand new lightmap for the volcano secion. Some minor issues are still here but most of the work have been done.
Viennese Piantas Concert Custom Beta Yes 2020-07-29 It supposed to be a submission for the Music themed CT Jam but the file wasn't ready on time.

Some fixes needs to be done.

Haunted Gardens Remake v1.0 Yes 2020-10-31 According to creators' sake, this track is the 7th attempt of a remake of Haunted Woods in the CT Community. The track will be released on Halloween's day.


Tracks Status Date of release Information
Tower Mansion v1.1b 2019-10-08 Update for Hack Pack.
Water Temple v1.1 2019-07-10 Remade most of the track and fixing other issues.