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Discord: Hollend#6082
Twitter: @Hollend78
YouTube Hollend

Hi! I'm Hollend and I'm a MKW/MK8/MK8D player. I started modding since late 2017 but let's be honest, it wasn't ready to be send (only 10% of all stuffs were done at this time). But now it's ready, I'm ready to show my skill in CT, Texture Hacks!

Current Project

Tracks Status Date of release Information
Containers Raceway v1.3 2019-02-20 Some Shadows needs fix.
Hollend's Track 1 v1.1 2019-02-13 -
Hollend's Track 2 v1-fix 2019-06-26 -
Crossing Town Modeling Phase this year hopefully Remake from Scratch. Modeling takes a lot of time

because of how much details I'm putting in it

GBA Peach Circuit v1.1 2019-01-15 based on a model I found on the 3dwarehouse.
Polar Outpost Modeling Phase this year hopefully Modeling 90% done. Then texturing.
MSUSA Philadelphia Modeling Phase this summer hopefully Ported track from Mickey Speedway USA,

remaking phase takes a while.

MSUSA Alaska v1.0 2019-06-29 Remaked track from Mickey Speedway USA.