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I'm HackerCop and my hobby is Wii modding and producing Custom tracks. I'm experimenting with using photogrammetry in custom tracks and have recently transitioned from Sketchup to Blender. I am making a new character texture, Pink and Blue Bowser as well as adding new features to HackerCop's Track Pack.

I'm want to make more texture hacks as I have good photo editing skills but its really a matter of time and priorities.

I am currently producing two custom tracks, a bowser castle and a custom track created using photogrammetry where you drive around the Radcliffe Camera building in Oxford. If anyone has experience with photogrammetry in custom tracks I would appreciate help and advice on my talk page.

I will always respond to your help requests (on talk page). If you find bugs in my mods please report them.

My greatest homebrew achievement is when I installed Windows 3.1 on my Wii via Dosbox Wii.

Latest mod

N64 King Boo's Castle


I have just released v2.1 of HackerCop's Track Pack. This update features WHackR support which is a Wiimmfi region specially made for hackers, where they are free to use cheats without the risk of getting banned. The distribution is still being developed and I would appreciate help with bug testing and BMG translation. If you can help please reply on the talk page.