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Skype: Guilmon35249vr
Steam: PikaUCH
MKW: SweetieBot, DM*Guilmon
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MK7: Guilly, SweetieBot Symbol F063.png
NNID: Guilmon35249vr
Minecraft: Bloatzel
MKW Forum: Fox McFat
Specialization: Autodesk Maya, 3DS Max, SZS Explorer, BrawlBox

Hello, everyone! I'm Guilmon35249vr! I've created several Custom Tracks and I've attempted code making. I'm also known as MikeYoshi. I'm a furry and a brony, but I try my best not to force such on others. I've made simpler custom tracks, like ASDF_Course and Faraway Land. I'm taking a 3D Animation/Modelling class (Autodesk Maya) so I can learn more modelling techniques.

Because I am in this class, my projects will be very slow. Please be patient if you're waiting for something from me.

Current Projects

On Hold

My Little Pony: Racing is Magic

The distribution will include various characters from the My Little Pony universe. The character roster isn't finalized yet and may change before release.

By the same author: Guilmon

Banned from MediaFire, old downloads are not working. Look here for them instead.

Custom Tracks:
ASDF_CourseCodename: BIGBOXDigitally EnhancedFaraway LandIcy MountaintopMikoopa's CitadelProxmia RoadRainbow Dash Road

Custom Characters:
Blue KoopaBoshiChocoboClear Yoshi on Mach Bike / Wild WingWolf Link

Custom Karts: