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Hey guys, I'm FunkyDude, Im a CT Creator from Canada. I don't really have that much else to say except that I hope you like my tracks :) If you don't like my tracks please keep quiet because I put lots of work into them. I have been playing Mario Kart since 2008 and I just got into CTs at the start of 2013. Now I like to TT on CTs, online test CTs, and of course MAKE THEM! :D I also like to play Goldeneye 007 Wii, Minecraft, and various games on my iPad. So yeah, if you want help making a CT feel free to send me an email or add me on Skype. Yeah, so that's all! :)

My Custom Tracks

Love Circuit

This was my first ever CT. The original model was by Putinas and decided to make it. The development begun in February but the track wasn't released until May due to lack of time and effort put into it. Later in June I update it with modifications to the model and better textures. In the CTGP Stream it was a well-liked track by people but was marked as "Needs Fixes" due to a Bullet bug. Now I work on v3.0. It has a completely remade model with texture mapping and it will be released soon.

GCN Yoshi Circuit

After Love Circuit's release, I decided to port this track as a porting test from MKDS with some help. It took quite awhile and was similar to Love Circuit as the track took awhile due to lack of time. It has gotten good feedback from some good CT makers, but was unreviewed in the last CTGP stream.

Sacred Woods

After I finished GCN Yoshi Circuit, xBlue98 and I decided to make this CT together. It is a well liked CT by people and is accepted into the next CTGP.

GBA Bowser Castle 4

I was bored one day so Yoshidude4 and I decided to make this CT together. The model was already finished, so I made the minimap and began making the KMP. Soon, both of our motivation dropped and the track wasn't worked on for awhile. But then both of our motivation came back and the track was finished soon after. It has gotten good feedback so far.

My Texture Hacks

My Texture Hacks
Title Download
Rainbow Boardwalk v1.0