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Youtube: FunkyDudeMKW
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Hey guys, I'm FunkyDude, I make Custom Tracks and Texture hacks. My YT Channel is fairly new so it doesn't have many videos yet. I upload videos of new CTs that get released! The best way to contact me is to add me on Skype cuz I'm on it a lot ;)

My Custom Tracks

Released tracks
Title Version Upcoming Version
Love Circuit v2.2 Bullet Bill fix, AREA, Better opening pan
Status of my tracks
Title Average % Info
GCN Yoshi Circuit 99% Everything is done but then I found out the animation makes the track crash.
Sky Palace 90% Im making it with SpyKid. Needs more checkpoints, and other KMP improvements. There is also texture and model issues and SpyKid will fix that.
GCN Dino Dino Jungle 25% I'm making this with Kirio, He is redoing texture mapping now and making the KCL, and I'm gonna do KMP and animations.
3DS Maka Wuhu 25% I'm making this with Rukasudo90. The original model is finished. He is doing KCL, and improving the model, and I am doing Collision model, KMP and Animations
Shroom Town 95% All I need to do is AREA, CAME and objects and then it will be done

My Texture Hacks

My Texture Hacks
Title Download
Rainbow Boardwalk v1.0