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Youtube: FunkyDudeMKW
Email: My Email Profile FunkyDude15

Hey guys, I'm FunkyDude, I make Custom Tracks and Texture hacks, and I also own a CT Distribution. My YT Channel is fairly new so it doesn't have many videos yet. I will probably start uploading videos of new CTs that get released!

My Custom Tracks

Unfinished Tracks
Title Type What's going on??
Love Circuit New Need someone to fix the KMP
GCN Yoshi Circuit Port Still need to do KCL but everything else is done.
SNES Mario Circuit 1 Port Not really sure what to do with this one
GCN Dino Dino Jungle Port Needs texture mapping.
Jungle Cliffs New This track is on hold right now.
3DS Maka Wuhu Port (sort of) Modelling
Sky Palace New SpyKid cancelled the track so I said I could try and finish it.

My Texture Hacks

My Texture Hacks
Title Download
Rainbow Boardwalk v1.0

My CT Pack

I got the XML made for me by Super Speed in the Riivolution XML shop in the forums. It will feature BRSTMs. It will also include a hacked course select screen so instead of saying the original tracks name it will say the Custom tracks name.