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Hey guys, I'm a new Canadian CT maker.
If your wondering why none of my tracks have been released yet, it is because I can't play them. What does he mean by that, you might think, I can't get my tracks to load on the wii and I don't know how to use Dolphin Emulator, so yeah. Any testers who may want to help can contact me below.

Contact Info

My Email:
My Youtube channel: My Youtube Channel
My profile: My account

My Custom Tracks

Water Bridge
The alpha of this track had a bad KMP. In the process of fixing with MagicY
Status of my tracks
Title Type What's going on??
Love Circuit New I'm stuck with this one, help appreciated.
GCN Yoshi Circuit Port Still need to do KCL but everything else is done.
SNES Mario Circuit 1 Port Need help
GCN Dino Dino Jungle Port Needs texture mapping.
DS Donkey Course Port On hold.
Jungle Cliffs New . This track is on hold right now.
Yoshi Speedway New Modelling. This track is on hold now.
Charlie Brown's Pumpkin Hollow New With MitsySueG24. ?????

My Texture Hacks

My Texture Hacks
Title Download
Rainbow Boardwalk

My CT Pack

I got the XML made for me by Super Speed in the Riivolution XML shop in the forums. It will feature BRSTMs from my retro BRSTM pack below. It will also include a hacked course select screen so instead of saying the original tracks name it will say the Custom tracks name.