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My Email:
My Youtube channel: BAI10101

My Custom Tracks

Water Bridge
The alpha of this track had a bad KMP. In the process of fixing with MagicY
Status of my tracks
Title Type What's going on??
Love Circuit New KMP Done, Testing out track. To be released soon.
GCN Yoshi Circuit Port Doing KMP.
SNES Mario Circuit 1 Port This one is almost done
GCN Dino Dino Jungle Port KMP
DS Donkey Course Port Working on the BRRES files.
Jungle Cliffs New KMP and AREA,CAME. This track is on hold right now.
Yoshi Speedway New Modelling. This track is on hold now.
SNES Vanilla Lake 1 Port I have the model, but I need to make it better quality.
Charlie Brown's Pumpkin Hollow New MitsySueG24 is modelling this track right now.

My Texture Hacks

My Texture Hacks
Title Download
Rainbow Boardwalk (SNES Ghost Valley 2 Texture)