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Hi, my name is Trent, and I am a Mario Kart Wii modder! I'm working on my pack called Trent Kart Wii which I have been working on since 2012! I've uploaded most of my individual texture here on the Wiki so check them out if you want!

These are the items I have made so far (there may be some missing):


Common.szs edits
Title Type Download
balloon.brres Balloon (Battle Object)
Black and White Balloons Texture TKW Pack
banana.brres Banana (Item)
Pipe Model/Port TKW Pack
Minccino Model/Port TKW Pack
Tick Model/Port TKW Pack
Diglett Model/Port TKW Pack
big_kinoko.brres Mega Mushroom (Item)
Red Mega Mushroom Texture TKW Pack
bomb.brres Bob-omb (Item)
Shroob-omb Texture/CHR0 & CLR0 edit TKW Pack
Electrode (Fixed by Atlas) Model/Port TKW Pack
bombCore.brres Bob-omb and Spiny Shell explosions
Vertical explosion Scale TKW Pack
driver.brres Driver animations (only contains chr0 and clr0 files)
Blue & Purple star color CLR0 TKW Pack
gesso.brres Blooper (Item)
Cataquack Model/Port TKW Pack
Jirachi Model/Port TKW Pack
Mew (Made by Atlas) Model/Port TKW Pack (Not Confirmed)
item_light.brres Item Glow (circles around items in team mode)
None yet* * *
itemBoxNiseRtpa.brres Fake Item Box (Item)
Brick Block Texture MediaFire
Minecraft TNT Box Texture TKW Pack
Wood Box Texture TKW Pack
Pikachu-In-a-Box Texture TKW Pack
Rubik's Cube (Made by Atlas) Texture TKW Pack
jugem_flag.brres Lakitu's Flag
Australian Flag Texture TKW Pack
jugem_lamp.brres Lakitu's Warning Light
Blue lamp CLR0 TKW Pack
jugem_reverse.brres Lakitu's "Wrong Way" Sign
Doge Sign Texture MediaFire
jugemu.brres Lakitu
Yellow 'Awesome Face' cloud Texture MediaFire
Squirtle w/ Squad Glasses Texture/CHR0 edit TKW Pack
jugemu_lap.brres Lakitu's "Lap __" Sign, and numbers
Blue w/ Yellow Text Texture TKW Pack
jugemu_lapf.brres Lakitu's "Final Lap" sign
Blue w/ Yellow Text Texture TKW Pack
jugemu_signal.brres Lakitu's Countdown Lights
None yet* * *
kart_killer.brres Bullet Bill (In Use)
Weird Rotating Blue Bullet Texture/CHR0 edit TKW Pack
Jolteon Model/Port TKW Pack
kinoko.brres Mushroom (Item)
Life Mushroom Texture TKW Pack
Poison Mushroom Texture MediaFire
Cappy Model/Port TKW Pack
kinoko_p.brres Golden Mushroom (Item, when dropped
Blue Mushroom Texture TKW Pack
koura_green.brres Green Shell (Item)
Green Spiny Egg Model/Port/Texture TKW Pack
Hitmontop Model/Port TKW Pack
Shiny Baltoy Model/Port/Texture TKW Pack (Not Confirmed)
koura_red.brres Red Shell (Item)
Spiny Egg Model/Port TKW Pack
Shiny Hitmontop Model/Port/Texture TKW Pack
Baltoy Model/Port TKW Pack (Not confirmed)
kumo.brres Thundercloud (Item)
White Cloud (No Lightning on head) Texture/Polygon Removed TKW Pack
Pichu Model/Port TKW Pack
Elec Model/Port TKW Pack
Thundurus Model/Port TKW Pack
Emolga Model/Port TKW Pack
pow_bloc.brres Pow Block (Item, when dropped)
Groudon (Flat) Texture TKW Pack
pow_bloc_plane.brres Pow Block (Item, in use)
Groudon (Flat) Texure TKW Pack
Black & Purple POW Texture/CHR0 TKW Pack
MKDD Heart Texture TKW Pack
Gliscor Model/Port TKW Pack
rod.brres Lakitu's Fishing Pole
None yet* * *
star.brres Star (Item, When dropped)
Color Stars Texture MediaFire
Luma Model/Port TKW Pack
thunder.brres Lightning (Item, When dropped)
Blue thunder Texture TKW Pack
tico.brres Rosalina's Luma
Darky's Star (CHR0 by Atlas) Port/CHR0 edit TKW Pack
Purple Star Model/Port TKW Pack
Jirachi Model/Port TKW Pack
togezo_koura.brres Spiny Shell (Item)
Wingull Model/Port TKW Pack
Staraptor Model/Port TKW Pack
Latias Model/Port TKW Pack
Galacta Knight Model/Port TKW Pack
RKRace.breft Image effects
TKW Custom Effects Image edits TKW Pack
RKRace.breff Color effects
TKW Custom Colors Color edits TKW Pack
By the same author: Darkmario957