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Hi! I'm CuberHax. I am a frequent editor of the pages on the Wiki, so please correct me if I do anything wrong, and I recommend telling me what I did wrong as well. I cannot respond to your messages, for personal reasons.

I allow anyone to make edits to my mods, as long as they are part of a separate release, so please don't ask permission to make edits. I would still need to know of the edits, however.

My discord server for my mods is named CuberHax Mods. Here is the link: CuberHax Mods

For your information, I am sort of fluent in English. However, my English isn't perfect.

If I somehow made something that's very similar to your mod, please tell me, and i'll give credit. I will still need proof, however. If you don't send proof initially, I won't give you credit.

I would appreciate if you subscribe to my YouTube channel. I do not upload videos. However, it shows that people acknowledge my work, and it kind of boosts my self-esteem. You should also subscribe to the Featured Channels on the page.

Helpful stuff?

This is where I will share helpful stuff, and explanations to bugs I find in mods.

If you want to look at my Best Stats chart for MKW, check it out here

I left it un-shortened so you know it's just a png file. The four categories are Characters, Karts, Outside Bikes, and Inside Bikes.

None of my mods contain an apps folder. If it does contain an apps folder, it's most likely that the download has been hijacked and may contain bricking code. If you see an apps folder in one of my mods, please notify me on my talk page, and I will take action. If you want to install the mod while the download has been hijacked, go to an older version of the page and find the real download. The download should be in an older version edited by me (CuberHax).

Using my mods in packs

I permit anyone to use my mods in their packs without my permission. I actually quite appreciate it. If you use one of my mods in a pack, I will list it here.

List of packs that use my mods (excluding my own packs):

Mod(s) Pack Author(s) of pack
Dark Bowser Castle 3 Solomon's custom music & texture pack SolomonMKW
By the same author: CuberHax