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Hi, This is Crile and here are my custom tracks:

My first CT:

Sherbet Land 2 (Help by SpyKid)

Comments from myself:

The track is really bad, but c'mon, its my first track.

My second CT (Port) (With friend: TheMetaPirate):

GBA Sky Garden

Comments from myself:

It lacks of some texture mapping but overall its a good port cuz its the first time i port.

My third CT:

Inside the Computer

Comments from myself:

This is a really cool custom track! It's being made by Me ( User:Crile ), xBlue98 and SpyKid!

My great ideas: The track will have virus in it, because its a computer track! :D Virus ideas: Boos from SNES Ghost Valley 2 but with virus textures! A custom object that replaces Goomba (???)!

My fourth CT:

N64 Choco Mountain (The one by Me and Horsti12 )

It's my second port and it's Horsti12's first custom track ever!!!


I upload custom track videos to my youtube: Crile's YouTube Channel

If you wanna contact me, PM me on YouTube or my Skype: Add me on Skype here!