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'''English '''<br />
Hello, my name is Caron. I make Custom tracks when I want to do.
Hello, my name is Caron. I'm Cusom Track creator.<br> Most of my videos are private because of personal reason. If you want to watch these videos, please watch from [https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLE6fLs3vr35KFiCKQz0qQKnYg3GskabLg here].
<br />'''Japanese'''<br />
こんにちは、Caronです。主にカスタムトラックの作成、修正を行っています。<br />
過去にYoutube上でも動画を上げていましたが、訳あって殆どを限定公開にしています。見たい場合は[https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLE6fLs3vr35KFiCKQz0qQKnYg3GskabLg こちら]から見てください。
== Custom Tracks (Alphabetical)==
== Custom Tracks (Alphabetical)==

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Hello, my name is Caron. I make Custom tracks when I want to do.

Custom Tracks (Alphabetical)

Name Version Information / About update
3DS Wuhu Loop Alpha Ported from Wii Fit. No update scheduled.
GCN Rainbow Road v1.3 I'll remake this track if I have time in real life.
Green Park v2.8b Same as above.
Neon Dimension v0.1-hotfix My 4th original track. Inspired by this video.
Sky Beach v1.0c-hotfix Same as GCNRR.
Subspace Factory v1.31 No update scheduled.
Underground Sky (Remake) v1.5 Based on RC4. No update scheduled.
???(maybe Stronghold Castle) Remade track.

Motivation: Remake,Sky Beach>Green Park,GCN Rainbow Road

By the same author: Caron