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My name is Bri. I'm 16 years old.


These are custom tracks that I made.

Retro Tracks

Name Date of Release Date of Latest Version Infomation
GCN Dino Dino Jungle 2017-09-16 Beta My first attempt on my first custom track port. An update has been planned.

Custom Tracks

Name Date of Release Date of Latest Version Infomation
Winter Circle 2018-12-02 2018-12-02 My first CT made in SketchUp.

Texture Hacked Characters

These are the texture hacked characters that I made.

Name Date of Release Date of Latest Version Infomation
Orange and Black Toadette 2017-10-16 2017-10-29 My first texture hacked character I made for Halloween.
Christmas Toadette 2017-12-08 2017-12-08 My second texture hacked character I made for Christmas.


These are planned custom tracks and texture hacks that I will release in the future.

Custom Tracks

  • Moonview Mountain: A custom track port from Mario Kart 7
  • Purple Loop
  • Rainbow Loop

Retro Tracks

  • SMG2 Throwback Galaxy: This port will be identical to SM64 Whomp's Fortress
  • SMG2 Big Tree:
  • SMG Sea Slide Galaxy:
  • SMS Dolpic Town
  • SMO Cascade Kingdom
  • Wii U Sunshine Airport
  • Wii U Toad Harbour
  • Wii U Mario Kart Stadium
  • Wii U Sweet Sweet Canyon
  • Wii U Twisted Mansion
  • SM3DW Mount Must Dash: A level from Super Mario 3D World.
  • CTTT Drop Dash Road: A stage from Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker. This would probably be ported soon.
  • SMS Sirena Beach:
  • SMS Ricco Harbor:
  • 3DS Cheep Cheep Lagoon
  • Wii U Super Bell Subway
  • SMS Delfino Plaza:
  • SNES Choco Island 1
  • N64 Royal Raceway
  • SNES Donut Plains 1: This will be my next port from Mario Kart 7; based on the DS version.
  • SNES Donut Plains 3: This version will be based on the Wii U version.

Texture Hacks

  • Toad Circuit at Night
  • Sunset Toad Circuit


Retro Characters

  • Pink Gold Peach
  • Gold Peach
  • Metal Mario
  • Gold Mario
  • Baby Rosalina
  • Cat Peach
  • Cat Mario
  • Cat Rosalina
  • Tanooki Rosallina
  • Tanooki Peach
  • Tanooki Mario
  • Noki (female)
  • Villager (female)

Retro Karts

  • Circuit Special
By the same author: Bri