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My name is Bri. I'm 16 years old.


These are custom tracks that I made.

Retro Tracks

Name Date of Release Date of Latest Version Infomation
GCN Dino Dino Jungle 2017-09-16 Beta My first attempt on my first custom track port. An update has been planned.

Custom Tracks

Name Date of Release Date of Latest Version Infomation
Winter Circle 2018-12-02 2018-12-02 My first CT made in SketchUp.

Texture Hacked Characters

These are the texture hacked characters that I made.

Name Date of Release Date of Latest Version Infomation
Orange and Black Toadette 2017-10-16 2017-10-29 My first texture hacked character I made for Halloween.
Christmas Toadette 2017-12-08 2017-12-08 My second texture hacked character I made for Christmas.


These are planned custom tracks and texture hacks that I will release in the future.

Custom Tracks

  • Moonview Mountain: A custom track port from Mario Kart 7
  • Purple Loop
  • Rainbow Loop

Retro Tracks

  • SMG2 Throwback Galaxy: This port will be identical to SM64 Whomp's Fortress
  • SMG2 Big Tree:
  • SMG Sea Slide Galaxy:
  • SMS Dolpic Town
  • SMO Cascade Kingdom
  • Wii U Sunshine Airport
  • Wii U Toad Harbour
  • Wii U Mario Kart Stadium
  • Wii U Sweet Sweet Canyon
  • Wii U Twisted Mansion
  • SM3DW Mount Must Dash: A level from Super Mario 3D World.
  • CTTT Drop Dash Road: A stage from Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker. This would probably be ported soon.
  • SMS Sirena Beach:
  • SMS Ricco Harbor:
  • 3DS Cheep Cheep Lagoon
  • Wii U Super Bell Subway
  • SMS Delfino Plaza:
  • SNES Choco Island 1
  • N64 Royal Raceway
  • SNES Donut Plains 1: This will be my next port from Mario Kart 7; based on the DS version.
  • SNES Donut Plains 3: This version will be based on the Wii U version.

Texture Hacks

  • Toad Circuit at Night
  • Sunset Toad Circuit


Retro Characters

  • Pink Gold Peach
  • Gold Peach
  • Metal Mario
  • Gold Mario
  • Baby Rosalina
  • Cat Peach
  • Cat Mario
  • Cat Rosalina
  • Tanooki Rosallina
  • Tanooki Peach
  • Tanooki Mario
  • Noki (female)
  • Villager (female)

Retro Karts

  • Circuit Special
By the same author: Bri

Custom Tracks:
Winter Circle

Retro Tracks:
GCN Dino Dino JungleGCN Sherbet LandSNES Mario Circuit 1N64 Banshee BoardwalkDS Waluigi PinballGBA Peach CircuitGBA Bowser Castle 1DS Mario Circuit
N64 Frappe Snowland3DS DK JungleSNES Rainbow Road3DS Toad Circuit

WIP Tracks (on hold):
GCN Luigi Circuit – Sweet Sweet Raceway – 3DS Cheep Cheep Lagoon3DS Rock Rock Mountain – Night Harbor – Wii Maple Treeway – Wii Koopa Cape

Yoshi 8 CircuitNorthpole SlideOrange Loop

Texture Hacks:
Sunset SummitSunset IceGBA Ice Castle 1GCN Pink Gold Peach BeachToad's Spooky Circuit

Updated Texture Hacks:
King Boo's EstateSpace Cruiser Circuit

Track Edits:
Mario Desert

Character Textures:
Orange and Black ToadetteChristmas ToadetteGreen and Yellow DaisyGreen PeachRed Koopa Troopa

Character Ports:
SMS Peach

WIP Characters:
Lana (Pokémon Sun/Moon)

Vehicle Ports:
Gold StandardEgg 1B Dasher

Mario Kart MixMario Kart Crossover