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Profile Picture: 200px
Birthdate: March 3rd, 2006
Discord: AlphaFlame (Jack)#9629
YouTube: AlphaFlame
Twitch: AlphaFlame__
Community Discord: AlphaFlame's Borehole™

Status 🚨

I am an owner of the custom track distribution Legacy Kart Wii along with ZPL Gaming and sasuke.

I am also the Variety Pack media and discord manager.

Facts about me 🎈

  • I started playing Mario Kart Wii in 2008 and quit in 2014 due to Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection being discontinued. But then I began playing again in Summer 2017 when I first heard about Wiimmfi. Coming back to the Mario Kart Wii community is how I've met a lot of cool people today on discord.
  • I don't just play Nintendo related games. I enjoy streaming games on Steam and I hope to start console streaming if I get a capture card sometime soon.
  • I am currently happily living in upstate New York.
  • I am an only child and have an obese cat named Lizzie. I would love to have a Corgi, but those are hard to come by sadly.


Custom Track Showcases 🕹️

Forbidden Factory (Beta)
Donut Steppe 3 (v1.1a)
Bowser's Castle 1 (v1.0)