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|+ Overview
|+ Overview
!Profile Picture:
!Profile Picture:
| [[File:MainProfilePicture.jpg|200px]]
| [[File:AlphaFlame_MainProfilePicture.jpg|200px]]
! Birthdate:
! Birthdate:

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Profile Picture: 200px
Birthdate: March 3rd, 2006
Discord: AlphaFlame (Jack)#9629
YouTube: AlphaFlame
Twitch: AlphaFlame__
Legacy Kart Wii Discord: Legacy Kart Wii™ (MKWii Discussion Server)
Variety Pack Discord: The Official MKW Variety Pack Server

I am an owner of the custom track distribution Legacy Kart Wii along with ZPL Gaming and sasuke

I am also the Variety Pack Media and Discord manager.

Custom track wise, not working on them. Only collaborations if asked to.

Projects currently in the works:

Revival of the Legacy Pack custom track distribution. Originally worked on by AlphaFlame, Renverse, sasuke, and ZPL Gaming in early/mid 2018. It is currently being revived by AlphaFlame, ZPL Gaming and sasuke. It will be re branded as Legacy Kart Wii.

Variety Pack v1.4 Along with Tombwarrior, Skipper93653 and Bearably.

ISO Builder Development for custom track distribution Chis Kart Wii made by ChisSilver64.